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Oddly shaped penile cross-section

Oddly shaped penile cross-section

5.75” BPEL
4.5” EG

My dick is pretty straight, though it it kind of bulges out a bit at the start of the circ scar and the head narrows a bit. What’s odd, though, is that it is wider than it is deep. By which I mean, staring down at it, it would be wider, than if I were looking at it from the direct right or left. It’s shaped more like a squashed cylinder than a true cylinder.

Is that normal? Do most guys have a squashed cylinder more than a true cylinder? If so, are there specific strategies to help shape mine’s cross section so it is more of a true cylinder?

Absolutely normal. No human has a cylindrical dick erect. Most are roughly triangular in cross-section.

Yup I have to agree on this one I too have the flattened cylinder profile.

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