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Odd injury on odd scar

Odd injury on odd scar

OK! I’ll explain my scar a little bit. I have an odd looking scar (since birth) under my circumcision scar on my shaft starting from the balls. I suppose I got overenthusiastic with pumping/clamping and doing it so often, I loved the look and feel of my engorged dick.

I have small bumps spread randomly up and down this scar, red and shiny. There is no pain but I’m worried as to what they are. I took 2 days off and they seemed to go down a little bit. I thought that I would try a light clamping routine, after I had sex with my GF. I went to the bathroom to check and they were swollen again and really red so I decided to stop and wait till they heal.

A few days later I decided to take anti-inflammatory pill and apply cortizone 10 and the bumps seemed to get smaller. I am now doing light bends and the bumps have almost fully subsided but they still remain shiny like scar tissue. It has a been a total of 5 days since the bumps appeared.

Has anyone had this injury/symptoms?

PE is starting to scare me now after reading all the injuries and the lost of feeling.

Don’t want to scare you , but could be STD. Are you having unprotected sex? If not that you could be just way over doing it. Take a week or two off and see if that helps. If it heals, start back slow and easy. Maybe your unit just can’t take it.

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8

It’s not an STD. MY scare is uncommon and I haven’t seen it on anyone else but myself so maybe the symptoms are uncommon as well. Just wondering If anyone has also experienced these symptoms.

It could be fordyce spots, look them up and see if they look the same. They are completely harmless, and completely superficial. I also have the scar along my shaft, and have had it since birth. You’re not the only one.

Thanks man I think that’s what it is.

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