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Obtaining Erections while drunk.

Obtaining Erections while drunk.

For the love of god I can not get an erection while I have been drinking. Is this normal? Sometimes I can get 60-70% erect, enough for intercourse. But I can’t maintain the erection while having sex. I was thinking about taking Cialis, or Viagra, but I’m not so sure about the effectiveness mixed with alcohol.

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Originally Posted by korey415
For the love of god I can not get an erection while I have been drinking. Is this normal?

Is this normal? Are you kidding? You have never heard of “whiskey dick”?

As for V and C and alcohol, I am sure they don’t recommend drinking a lot of alcohol and using these drugs, but I can tell you that many of my friends pop a Cialis pill if they pick up a chick, even though they may be plowed out of their minds. So, it works for them.

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For me sex and drink don’t mix. I cannot get it up if I am drinking. In the past it was frustrating on a few occassions but I have learned to live with it - in fact it may have saved me from some stupid mistakes. :)

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My friend, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Most guys have this problem, its perfectly normal. I’m kind of amazed that you haven’t heard of this before.
Strangely, I was immune from this throughout most of my twenties, so much so that I did wonder if the well known “brewer’s droop” was nothing more than an urban myth!
Only as I hit 30 did alcohol have an impact on erection quality…but strangely, this problem seems to be diminishing again at the moment.

Be careful- don’t hit the sack with some fine filly you’ve fancied for ages after a few drinks- she may be disappointed at your lack of performance and perhaps you won’t get a second chance! Its always hellishly tempting though….

Viagra etc- well it is fairly common for people to pop them when wrecked, but I would be cautious. After one or two drinks, ok- but not loads.

Welcome to the magical world of Whiskey Dick.

Don’t wank for a day or so before hand, and take Tribulus Terrestris before you go out drinking.

It works.

-Borat, has empirical evidence from last night! Giggigidy Giggidy New Years

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