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Observations of a 2nd round newbie

Observations of a 2nd round newbie

First I’d like to thank Thunders/members for the best resource of PE tips on the internet. I’ve lurked like a jerk for almost 2 years so here’s my first post. I’ve justified the length of this by dubbing it motivational as well as what I hope to be instuctional.

As I’ve always found posts describing the authors dick more instructive here’s one of mine. My dick is loosely baseball bat shaped. I attribute this to my smack it style during puberty. I never stroked the base only the upper half and I believe this contributed to the 1/2 inch difference over years of beatin it. My initial measurements (natural measurements let’s call it) were 6 3/4 NBPEL 4 3/4 base EG and 5 1/4 upper EG. I had a mole on the left side of my cock at the base where my ballsack meets my cock meets my pelvis which I had removed a few years back. This is important only in that the slight scar remaining has served as a very useful visual confirmer of growth.

My first foray into PE was about a year and a half ago. It was easy to tell my gf at the time I was going to start because we’re both sociopaths. This greatly diminished the inconvenience of concealing it making it much easier to be consistent. My routine for 4 months was:

— Hot wrap 10 min
— Manual stretches 8 increasing to 15min
— Wet Jelq (olive oil) 10 increasing to 22min
— Finish with what I’m calling manual clamping
- I lay paving stones for a living and have incredibly strong hands so after reading clamping 101 I decided to start using a dime sized ok grip at the base and hold for 5 min at a time kegeling to maintain pressure
— 5 days on 2 days off

In 4 months my measurements were 7 1/4 NBPEL 5 base EG 5 1/2 upper EG. So 1/2 inch length and solid 1/4 inch girth gain - not bad, not spectacular. I discontinued PE for 8 months. I lost the girth almost completely and maintained the length. As an aside I megadosed vitamin C 8 000mg daily but stopped when I stopped PE.

I returned to PE 2 1/2 months ago after mulling over my previous experience to shed light on hidden flaws (yes I got decent results round 1 but you can always do better right?). During these 2 1/2 months I have gained 1/2 length and 1/2 inch girth - MUCH better. This puts me at 7 3/4 NBPEL 5 1/4 base EG 5 5/8 upper EG. Visual confirmation on length is my scar is now 3/4 inch up my shaft (if only PE had more irrefutable proof indicators). Here is my routine but as a caveat it’s not excercises but the subtle enhancements to my lesser initiated round 1 which I believe account for the added success:

— If I bother warming up 5 min dick under bath faucet - hot
— 20 min DRY Jelq at least 60% erect
— Manual Clamping 5 min intervals 3-5 times
— Compressions I form dime sized overhand ok grip as deep as possible to pelvic bone then kegel it full and with the same hand compress my dick on my bathroom countertop. That means this is a one handed excercise - the other hand for intensity I squash the head simultaneously sometimes but not necessary.

Not terribly different from my first try at PE except I absolutely never manual stretch. I hated stretching the first time; it was boring, felt ineffective and hurt my EQ. Since I’ve gained 1/2 inch in 2 1/2 months without one stretch they can go to hell. I did however replace wet jeqs with DRY jelqs. I recall reading posts about the hazards of dry jelqing with stretch marks and creeping ball syndrome and other garbage which is what prompted me to wet jelq my first time around. I CANNOT overemphasize how much more effective DRY jelqing is for me. I get MUCH better expansion, pump and all day flaccid girth.

Now to the point of this god awful post: Those subtle enhancements I spoke of. I have noticed there is a distinct physiological difference between engorging my dick with porn or whatever else makes you hard and forming an ok grip at the base and kegeling blood into it while trapping it inside. Both methods lead to an engorged dick but the traditional hard-on has a very stiff tunica and can only be compressed or expanded to a very limited degree (before flagrant trauma). The kegeled gripped version on the other hand retains the elasticity of the tunica present in a semi-erect state and has I believe a MUCH greater potential for expansion. I have read a few posts alluding to this but it’s never been expounded upon. I believe this is a SIGNIFICANT improvement and may account for the vast array of jelq success/failure among jelqers. As a first time jelqer when I read 80 erect I just had a few sexy thoughts or ripped it a bit and then started PEing. I now know this is an inferior method of engorgement (anyonelse tired of that word) and ultimately expansion.

Applying this to my dry jelq means I get maybe 50% erect through any means then form an overhand (thumb on top) grip as deep as I can. This means I grip where my balls when tight normally rest. Then I kegel, tighten my grip and repeat until engorged at least 80% but often up to 100%. The important part for me is two-fold - my tunica feels softer then it normally would with a true hard on, more elastic, and my grip is no bigger then a dime. That is the engorgement didn’t stiffen the shaft and expand my ok grip to bigger then a dime. Then I start jelqing. The expansion you can get is intense and can be done at lower engorgement levels for newbies. I have noticed an awesome increase in hang all day owing in particular to working the lowest past of my shaft with this jelq technique which seems to allow for better blood flow to the rest of my dick. This effect lasts all day which NEVER happened with wet jelqs. I’m sure I don’t have to convey how totally satisfying it is seeing people blatantly checking out your package when you first get out of the pool and it’s stuck like saran wrap. I bought a pair of lululemon (so gay) lounging pants and it’s amazing how top of mind seeing a nice bulge is in the general public mind. Noone ever talks about it but it’s happening everytime you wear sweats. It’s primal, and off topic.

This engorgement style is also used for my compressions. I do exactly as above only rather then jelqing it I squash my dick with my hand on my bathroom counter. Again the elastic nature of the tunica in this state allows for much greater expansion.

As mentioned I only warm up occasionally now because I now know the difference by feel of a stiff tunica or CC and a loose soft tunica/CC. On days where it’s tight I do the dick under the faucet.

Lastly I wanted to cover my PE specific nutrient intake because improved blood flow is the cornerstone of successful growth.

— First I replaced coffee (damn I loved Tims) with green tea all day. I have noticed for years that a shitty or skipped breakfast coupled with coffee all day is like cock repellant. It’s like losing your suit on the polar bear swim. If you want that meaty look to your flaccid dick drop the coffee and find some kind of green tea you find palatable. This isn’t a lame eastern practices angle it’s visibly useful.
— Ginko Biloba - probably the most immediately and more importantly reliable cock expander I’ve found. I take 3 or 4 capsules daily and I’m not afraid to take 2 at a time. In addition to improving blood flow to your dick and brain (I noticed a thicker fuller hang the first day) it relaxes the CC giving you double benefits ; more blood in and more space to put it in. I pop 2 before PE wait a half hour and my dick is so loose it’s incredible
— Hawthorne berry extract. Improves blood flow everywhere including your dick and relaxes the CC
— Horny Goat Weed. Need I say more? Makes me hornier and somehow some way makes for a much deeper contraction during orgasm. This effect extends to your ass it’s pretty intense and satisfying.

Anyways hope you get something from all that and thanks again Thunders couldn’t have done it without you.

Great post! I have found the same to be true when it comes to keeping the tunica soft while jelqing. How hard and for how long do you smash your dick on the bathroom counter? Hah! And have you noticed it helping more than jelqs? I’m just curious


I press it quite hard for 20 seconds frankly more then that and I start hitting my uncomfortable threshold. I think compressions are the cheaper showier version of a good jelq. They work quickly but I wouldn’t replace jelqing with them. I use them in combo say 50 jelqs then a compression. My theory is the more I expand my dick from compressions, and it does expand more through compressions then jelqing for sure, then the more effective the following jelqs will be. I get an extra 1/4 inch expansion over the 1/4 expansion from jelqing alone. In my mind any jelqs I do after the extra 1/4 inch expansion from compressions use that 1/4 inch of new space.

Great post and congrats on your gain!

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