Observations, 1 Month.

My first post, titled “Damn Glad to Be Here” marked my official intro to PE’ing. I started on 4/11/06 with the stats listed below. In the past (almost) month, I’ve been doing the Newbie routine on a 3 day on, 2 day off basis. I had to stop for about 5 days because I was traveling to visit my girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in almost a year. I didn’t want my cock looking like a battering ram so before I left I didn’t jelq or stretch - I did lots of kegels and also some Edging - which I think is very helpful - and followed with hot wraps to soothe and “pinken” the skin..

First off, I noticed after only two weeks my dick was hanging heavier and more substantially. Normally I keep my flaccidity to myself at the gym but I had no problems walking around naked. I believe the increase in flaccid size was the first noticeable indicator for me. Again, this was only after 2 weeks of faithful PE’ing. Now on to the important stuff..

SEX: It had been a while since I had sex with my girl - she lives overseas and I’m in the states. I know she’s been with other guys and I can assume some of them are bigger than me. But this was different. The sex was a MUCH better experience after having exercised, for 2 reasons.. I won’t say that she noticed my dick was any bigger than it used to be, because it isn’t really. But my control was outstanding and I kept rock hard for 30-45 minutes while fucking her in several different positions. I occasionally dipped down to eat her out, which usually makes her cum, then would bang her until she came again.
In sum, the sex was quite enjoyable. However, I did feel inadequate in terms of girth. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I were closer to 5.5” than 5” EG, she probably would have been happier. Still though, to hear things like “you’re incredible” and “you feel so good” in between her moans is pretty satisfying.

All this being said, at the end of one month, I don’t necessarily feel “bigger”, just “better” - and that’s the key. I took my first measurement last night and found the only gain was about .15 of an inch in length, no doubt from the stretching routine. The girth hasn’t changed but I’m not too worried - yet. I do feel like my flaccid size has more heft, so I suppose we can consider that a “gain” in a way. But I’m imagining how things will be in 8 months to a year, based on one measly month. I’m looking at this as an athlete looks at his game - if he has a great dribble but needs to work on his jump shot, he shoots alot more. In my case I’ll be focusing more on girth exercises. Long term goal is 8x6 but I’ll sacrifice a half-inch of length to get the 6” around!


4/11/06: BPEL 7” x EG 5”
5/8/06: BPEL 7.15” x EG 5”