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Oatmeal - the wonder breakfast meal

Originally Posted by Borat
I heard that sending money to Canadians will make your penis bigger. One man from Kentucky sent us $100 and his penis grew 2 inches in a week!
You should try to outdo this man.

Seriously though, oatmeal cereal is the healthiest cereal out there, with the exception of possibly granola cereal.
I’ve eaten it all my life, and it was one of the most popular breakfast additions in boot camp.

It’s got plenty of protein, and gives plenty of energy. It’s all around great for you.

So, from there we can extrapolate that if the body is healthy and fit, the penis, being part of said body, would also be healthy and fit.

-Borat, awaiting your generous donation

I think oatmeal has almost no protein. But it’s a great carbohydrate.

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Originally Posted by ciandur
Now I’m not sure, but I’ve heard (from my older brother, who eats oatmeal) that there was a study done somewhere that said men who ate oatmeal had bigger penises…

Are you sure that study subjects were people and not horses? Those “guys” really like oat meals, and eat them from birth.

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Horses lol. They eat oats, and their all pretty hung.

This thread did get me to the store to buy some. It is not high in protein, but it does contain a good amount. It is high in allot of other key nutrients, that are great for every ones health. I’m going to start eating much more of it.

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I swear by porridge for general health.

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Originally Posted by Churchy Lefemme
I think oatmeal has almost no protein. But it’s a great carbohydrate.

You are right about that, unless you decide to add some ham chunks or something.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
You are right about that, unless you decide to add some ham chunks or something.

Morning is a good time to start with a meal heavier in carbs. I add skim milk and almonds for protein.

So that's why he’s smiling! Certainly isn’t the taste of the oats.

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I usually eat my oatmeal in a bowl carved from a steak. The best part is, you can eat the bowl!

So of course my oatmeal is high in protein.

If you don’t like steak in the morning, consider this nutritious breakfast:

Bowl of Hot Oatmeal
Peanut Butter on Raisin-Bread toast
Banana with some grapes
Small Glass of Orange Juice
Glass of V-8
Cup of Green Tea

Furthermore some supplements taken with or after breakfast:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B-100 complex
Centrum Forte Multivitamin
Gingko Biloba
Tribulus Terrestris
Bee Pollen Granules

You should have a quick workout before breakfast if you can.
At boot camp we’d do an hour of PT, usually running or other exercises, from 0500 to 0600, rest for half an hour and then have breakfast.

The PT burns off any excess crap you have in your system from last night, and wakes up the metabolism.
It really helps.

If you like, you can mix the banana into the oatmeal - I would usually mix raisins in, but bananas in oatmeal are mm mm good.

Breakfast is easily the most important meal of the day - Have fun planning a breakfast that’s both easy to make, and nutritious!

-Borat, knows a good meal when he sees one

The taste and texture of oatmeal sickens me bulemic.

I know that it’s good for you, but I prefer a couple egg whites and a piece of brown toast :shrug:

Hmmm…maybe I should wrap my protein bar in oatmeal for breakfast. Stuffing one into my pants might increase my size, too.

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Borat, you can google this, but I’m not sure if you’ll find it. But my parents take something called LifeForce. They said that Centrum, had a study conducted on it, and the study found that when someone took a Centrum pill, it didn’t absorb at all into the body, coming out in the feces.

That pill is doing you nothing!

Lifef(F?)orce has 25% of whatever for each pill, you take 4 pills a day, I think that’s kind of weak and they don’t want to “overdose”, but you don’t want to take a pill with too much because you gain nutrients from other foods as well.

Lol. Everyone is buying oatmeal with the excuse that it is healthy lol.

Originally Posted by ciandur

Borat, you can google this,

Since you are making the claim that centrum vitamins do nothing, it would be normal protocol on this forum for you to do the googling and provide the link.

Lol. Everyone is buying oatmeal with the excuse that it is healthy lol.

lol. Oatmeal is healthy. lol.

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Originally Posted by ciandur
Are Quick oats the same as Quaker oats?

Quaker is the company name. Quaker makes quick oats and regular oats. Quick oats have been processed to hydrate/cook faster.

The regular oats take longer to hydrate/cook and a little longer for your stomach to digest.

About 80% of the oatmeal is fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber.


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One of the tricks a person can use to increase the nutrient density of oat meal is to add a bit of whey protein - the kind that is rich in branched-chain aminos. And, if you are concerned about glycemic index, add a good bit of cinammon. Use a bit of stevia to sweeten the taste, if desired. Chopped almonds or pecans are good to add to the mix too. This combination gives a slow, uniform release of glucose and the added protein will give you a full, happy feeling.



Quaker is the company that makes the oats I eat.
I didn’t mention it before because I didn’t know if they were sold outside of Canada.

Get the Quaker Instant Oatmeal - My favourite is Peaches and Cream.

Here’s a link.…tes/product.cfm

-Borat, hero to the people


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