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O.3" of Girth Gain in 3 Days

O.3" of Girth Gain in 3 Days

Hi my fellow dick-pullers,

I had a recent girth gain, as the title suggests, 0.3 inches in 3 days.

Initially, I joined Thunder’s Place almost 2 months ago and after some readings, I decided to try the Newbie Routine. After a whole month of sticking religiously to the Newbie Routine, it was my measurement day. And guess what, I have absolutely zero gains in both length and girth. Although, I’m aware that some people are just slow gainers, I was taken aback with the result. Added to the fact that I’ll be having a professional exam at the end of the year, I decided to abruptly stop all PE activities as it is very time consuming (an hour for a full session per day) to follow the Newbie Routine exactly as written in the guidelines. In short, I gave up.

However last weekend, I was busy with studies as usual but then it hit me that there’s another less time consuming PE activity that requires no mess cleaning as with the wet jelq of the Newbie Routine. I mean the HARD JELQ. I had only girth gains in mind and ready to spare any gain in length as I injured my ligaments during those manual stretches. So without warm up, I did Hard Jelq, grasping at the base and brought my grip just below the glans. Immediately, all the veins popped out. Impressed with that veiny feeling, I did three 10 minute Hard Jelq only session, thrice per day for 3 days.

Yesterday, I decided to measure. The Bomb Drop!! I have gained almost 0.3 inches of girth in just 3 days! Starting from an exact 5.0” girth I went to 5.3” in just 3 days. I had all the PI’s just right. Longer erect state throughout the day, morning woods and girthier flaccid state. I could be a fluid retention problem, but I did repeated measurements and the gain stayed as it is.

There’s a little problem, though. I had a big patch of purplish/gray discolouration my glans. This is my first time having those patches although I had pin point red dots in the past in my glans. There’s no pain whatsoever, not even discomfort. The patch doesn’t seem to fade and I stopped my Hard Jelqs. Second problem is even worse. I decided to “test” my new girthier unit. The ejaculate dripped rather than ejaculating as before! It mat be due to some expansion to the urethral opening.

Now I’m very worried about the gray patches and the dripping issue. Read here that wrapping helps to alleviate discolourations but I have not clue whatsoever to warp. How to warp??

Any other tips would be helpful too.

awesome turn around. I have started something similar. Will see if i get any gains later in week. You can really feel the expansion with hard jelq. Still doing newbie jelq between to keep blood moving about.

Good luck with more gains.

Wow. Awesome turnaround. I wish I could get a gain like that.

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Stop trying to get ‘fast gains’, expecially in girth. The patch on your glans is not pretty and thanks God you didn’t cause something worse, like nerve damage. The ‘gain’ is mostly just fluid build up that will go way in a few days.

Gain in 3 days? I can get amazing girth gains in just 20 minutes. All I need to do I use my pump but the gains go away after a day. I can’t understand why people write gains when they are talking about temporary gains.

It’s a good thing that you see temporary gains. It’s a really good motivation boost and a great feeling looking at the dick and it looks bigger then normal but don’t call it gains yes. It’s not permanent after just 3 days. Keep going and after a few months you can call it real gains. I understand you are happy, as I said, temp gains are good for motivation.

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