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I was looking around on how to do O bends, but there doesn’t seem to be a detailed description on doing them. I tried to do them the best I could for the past few months and didn’t notice any gains. The reason I’m looking into doing obends is because my girth stagnated at 5 1/8” in january and jelqing didn’t seem to do anything for me, besides the start of a turkey neck. So if anyone can give me a detailed description on an obend routine it would be greatly appreciated!

Try doing an “Advanced Search” and search for thread titles with the words Orange Bends in them. That will pull up a few threads to work with.

Best of luck!

P.S. search engine is a little intimidating the first few times you use it. Well, at least it was for me. Good article here: How to use the Search button for best results

17 page thread where they discuss them but no actual steps

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

Ah, must I do everything for you? ;) Description of mrorange's exercise is in the 5th paragraph.


My Girlfriend said those lovely words…

Originally Posted by mrorange
” I dont want you to get big headed but you feel massive”

So now I have a huge smile and a girlfriend who has been having allot of fun.. to the point she now has the dreaded honeymoon ailment. Its the first time she has said that to me and we have been living together for quite a few years… and yes she was sober and didn’t want me to pay off her credit card debts!!!!

I can tell you how I did it and it only took me 10 sessions!!!

Guys this is my first ever post but I have been reading the forum for a year and trying different techniques with no real success. I get a real lift when you guys make break throughs and you have all given me some hope. So after another session of Jelqing I decided to have a rest and take a few days to evaluate where I was going wrong. SO for about a week I worked on different grips new ways to engorge my penis and most importantly making a note of my penis pliability or rather density. I found that some days my penis was easy to manipulate and some days regardless of the erection state I felt that for all the puling squeezing and gripping in the world my penis wasn’t responding as well. In days gone by I would have just carried on. I concentrated on the single technique that would give me the most controllable increase in size of my penis.

DESCRIPTION HERE ——>So now I only do my exercises when my penis is warm and very malleable, this tends to be when my penis is about 10% erect, contrasting my previous 60-70% jelqing state. At this point I can pump blood into my penis and trap it with my grip. I then use one hand to hold the blood in and the other to bend my penis back on itself making sure that the bend ensures maximum expansion of the penis at the bend.. in other words making it as thick as possible, I find at this point if the penis is getting hard then it limits the max thickening of the shaft. The key thing I concentrate on is getting as wide expansion I can get from the bend and hold it for 10secs I work on left and right bends working progressively up the shaft and it only takes 10min. The frequency is every other day, I find every day isn’t as effective though I think thats a personal thing and how my own body adapts.
By purely concentrating on the state of my penis and looking for the most expansion I can get for the least amount of erection has given me the gains. My length has gone up by half an inch and I have gained nearly a whole inch and a half in width… I think my girlfriend noticed the width, I did as I was holding it before I put it in, it felt really heavy in my hand and as I was easing in, I was thinking to myself ” It feels bigger to me and the tape says its bigger will she notice”…. and as I said she did.

So guys my advice is don’t give up hope as you will find the technique, that suits you, try and try, concentrate on the job in your hand and be logical and methodical. Don’t do your exercises, go through the motions and hope for gains like I did for a year…. specialize and personalise.

Good luck

Then there is a bunch of questions and elaborations.

There is a follow up thread here, I haven’t read it though so I do not know if there is any new info:

HI From Mr Orange


ALERT TO NEWBIES — ORANGE BENDS ARE NOT FOR NEWBIES. See Sophomoric’s post directly below mine. Stick with the newbie routine for at least 3 months before taking on some of the advanced exercises.


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O bends:

Get a slight erection, say: 20%, clamp off the bottom of your unit with your fingers in an “ok” shape or using a clamp; this will cause reasonable engorgement. With your free hand bend your unit from the top, in any direction you wish. This action causes HUGE pressure and was responsible for nearly 2 months of ED for me - I personally find it more stressful than straight up clamping.

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