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Nylon Strap?

Nylon Strap?

There are all these posts about not being able to find cable clamps and velcro tape for the Captain’s Wench, but I’m having trouble finding a nylon strap. hell, i don’t even know what it is really. Anyone know where I can find one?

I do believe that Nylon strap is like what the shoulder strap of a normal gym bag is made of.

You can probably find some at Walmart. More than likely you can find them at ACE hardwear, Home depot or Lowe’s.

As far as where to look for them in these stores I have no idea.

I guess if worst comes to worst you can always cut off the strap of a gym bag.

I’m positive though that if you go to these stores and look around you’ll find some.

And if you want a Picture of the stuff I’m sure if you searched here a little more you could find one.

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I got mine from a camping supply store: it was meant to be a “Sleeping Bag Compression Strap” before I cut off the buckle, used a cigarette lighter on the end, and hung penis weights off of it.


Got to a fabric store, it’s probably cheaper to go there.

Originally Posted by tntjockey
Got to a fabric store, it’s probably cheaper to go there.

I think I paid under $5.00 for the two straps…


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