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Numbness after 30 min of penimaster normal

Numbness after 30 min of penimaster normal

I have started up using it again. Wrapping cotton bands well over the head. Head of penis doesnt discolor much, but it does get numb. Is the numbness normal?

No. If you get numbness you have to avoid the penimaster like the plague. It’s the noose-style version?

It’s a small rubber belt. One of the newer versions (bought it online about 3 months ago)

IME non-touch numbness in the shaft is not unusual, but you will feel the shaft when touched.

I would occasionally not feel my glans until touched— it would be warm and engorged-ish and responsive to touch— but would seem numb until touched. I never wrapped over the head— but did so heavily under the strap to diffuse the constriction.

My willy works just fine at the moment.

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Avoid numb if you can.

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If you have used it consistently for 3 months and you are getting numb, you may have the tension up too high. Avoid numbness at all cost and decrease your tension some. Slow and steady is the key.

I used the Penimaster with the strap and could go 1-2 hours without getting numb or needing a break.

Now I have the modified head from AutoExtender and love it! I can go 2+ hours without needing a break without numbness.

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