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Hey everybody,

this is a classical newbie question. As I am more into stretching since a week, my penis is numb after a good stretching session (maybe 20 minutes). The numbness goes away after 10 minutes. Is it normal or should I stretch less?

After every jelq session i usually find a LOT of red spots, but they go away within 1 day :) Also my foreskin gets very “giant and red”. Side-effects i thinks. If they go away and you don’t feel pain, just keep the good work ;)

Maybe take longer pauses between stretches and taking the time to work the circulation back before continuing would help?

Also look at your grip, The penis has a cllump of nerves right behind the glans on the top side, prssure her is generally a bad thing, so try applying the pressure mostly on the side or use an overhand OK grip with the webbing between thumb and forefinger covering placed dead center on the top.

Hope that helps.

Thank you both!

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