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Numb/Weak morning wood and erections.

Numb/Weak morning wood and erections.

Hello, I have done a search on having lower EQ after starting a new routine but after reading a fair few threads I didn’t find a good answer to my questions.

So, I just finished my fourth session of the newbie routine last night; now on my second rest day. I had started it a couple of weeks ago but stopped after getting weaker erections and feeling a numbness in my dick when erect. However I was taking Ibuprofen at the time and pretty much put it down to that. But I haven’t taken the pills for over two weeks now and the numbness in my erections is back.

Is this due to overdoing the stretching or the jelqing? Should I just keep with the newbie routine of three months and hope my dick gets used to it or should I take it as a sign that I should do less (whether jelqing or stretching, I’ve also beeng doing a lot of Kegel’s but can imagine how this might lower EQ but not how it might give my a less sensitive erection) - maybe 5 minutes of jelqs instead of 10?

Could it be that I’m putting to much pressure in my jelqs? Though when I do them, they never hurt. Going to move to dry jelgs now as I’m not circumcised and don’t want to get turkey neck.

Maybe I just have a very sensitive cock.

Those are signs that you are doing too much/too intense work. Both gripping with too much force (or in the wrong place) and applying too much pressure when jelquing can lead to numbness.

Take a week off, then restart with a lighter routine.

Take a week off? OK. Or maybe just wait till the numbness goes?

I’d say: wait untill the numbness goes + a week off.Sorry if I was unclear.

No, you weren’t unclear; I just didn’t want to wait a week. Stupid attitude - I’ll take a week off and then start a lighter routine. I would have this time, except that I put the problem down to the Ibuprofen.

You have the rest of your life ahead of you, what’s a week? Go easy just use the same grip force you use when jerking off maybe a tad tighter, and stretches just to you feel a little tingle in the ligs for starters.

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