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Nuff girth, need length

Nuff girth, need length

With only a 5 inch BPEL, but a 6 inch EG, what best I do to add length and not add girth? I’m in the 7nth week of PE so only half way through the 3 month newbie routine. It seems I should continue to finish the newbie routine. Would appreciate your experienced advice.

Only 4 months old, But I would Keep doing the Newbie Routine Until it seems like it isn’t as good as it used to be. Then your dick should be conditioned enough to change your routine a little.

It really depends on what you want?

Are you going for 8X6?

I am Wanting to add length then a little girth so I stretch quite a bit. I do Piss pulls almost every time I go to the bathroom for about 5 min. I stretch way more than I jelq, yet I still jelq. For me PE does more than just make your dick bigger it makes my sex life better and penis more healthy.

I don’t know I am just a newbie, But My dick is really 100% healthier from doing many different PE exercises.

If you want to add length do mostly Manual stretch until you are not gaining any more Like JAI/Vstretch. I love the V stretches. I use A piece of 1” PVC pipe. I like this the best.

Have you gained much length with the Newbie routine?

When this stops working well for me I am going to look at Hanging.

Finish the newbie routine but do some modifications. Jelq at a 20-40% erection to aim for length gains. And increase your amount of stretches over time. When you did the newbie routine for 3 consistent months, give this thread a bump.

Thanks guys for the great information. I’ll finish the newbie routine and add more stretching as both of you suggested. I’ve got to look up the JAI/V stretches after this post and get an understanding what that is all about. 1” PVC pipe.hmmm, sounds interesting! Any more information you want to pass on about that?

I would like to get to 8x6 over time to answer you question, Wanna B. Actually my EG is now 6 so the length is what I’m striving for. Unfortunately I didn’t measure EL at the very beginning so it is hard to answer you question as to my length improving.

Hanging may be in the future as I have been reading-up on that routine.

Well I started out doing V’s With a snorkel It was a little smaller in girth than the 1 inch PVC, but I like the feel I get when using this sized pipe. I tried using A can of Beans, but it just doesn’t have the same feel for me.

I can really feel the stretch with the PVC. I do 4 sets up and 4 down. I shoot for 1 min holds under medium strength pulls sometimes I go a little over or under.

This comes in the middle of my length routine after manuals but before JAI. I probably stretch for 20-30 min in total including break times. I always finish with a long light manual hold straight down, and all of this is done siting in a chair.

Increase your stretching. I have found that stretching is the best way to increase length.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

Sorry, Slack. I will quit with the abbreviations.

Fuck the PVC I am going back with the snorkel. The bend in the snorkel gets the pipe closer to the base of my penis, therefore it stretches more of my penis.

What exactly is better, stretching with 60-80% erection or 20-40%?

Originally Posted by Gentle Wind
What exactly is better, stretching with 60-80% erection or 20-40%?

60-80% aims for girth, 20-40% aims for length.

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