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NPEing in the shower- risky or not

NPEing in the shower- risky or not

I’m thinking to do my NPE routine in the shower and my question is if it’s ok to do NPE exercises while taking a shower??
I mean it’s a must to do warm up to the penis before starting the exercises and in the shower it’s always ‘warmed up’ and exercises such as jelqing is the get your blood to go to the head of your penis.but would it affect if the blood stream is a lot faster because of the hot shower?? I don’t want any of the blood vains on my penis to pop.ouch..

To summonise my question: would it be risky or does it better to do the NPE exercises while taking a hot shower??


I’m always having my PE routine in the shower. I read that is better to do that in the shower or just after the shower because it provides an efficient warm up.

First of all WELCOME ami289 on your first post/thread.

NO, it isn’t risky, and YES you can do it during a hot shower. It is
a fairly common thing for many of the members to do some jelqing in
the shower. I do some jelqing every time I shower.

Are you thinking of doing it in the shower due to a problem with
privacy? If so, you will have to stay in the shower for quite a long
time to do both the stretching and the jelqing and others may wonder
why your are taking such a long shower and wasting water.

If possible, after you shower and have a good warm up, then get out
and do the routine. I assume that by NBE you mean Newbie Routine.
If you do the routine out of the shower, then remember that it is very important to do a warm down afterwards. That helps in the healing.

Good luck and Good PEing.

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What does the N stand for?

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Originally Posted by mravg
What does the N stand for?

My guess is Newbie.

NPE = “Natural Penis Enlargement”.

Originally Posted by ami289
To summonise my question: would it be risky or does it better to do the NPE exercises while taking a hot shower??

If you are in the military, in gym class, jail, at a public swimming pool, or any environment with group showers, then yes, it is risky to do PE in the shower.

If you are at home, though, the privacy of your own shower is one of the best places to PE!


Welcome ami.

PEing in a warm shower is good. It is not risky at all, once your bathroom door is closed or at least frosted.The warm water should keep your dick pliable and plump.

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