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Npbel or bpel what the diff

Npbel or bpel what the diff

Ok when measuring what is the best way to get accurate measurement, cause it npbel and bpel I just put my penis next to it or kind off to the side with the ruler on top so I can see where the measurement are . So which way is the best way I though it was only one way to measure I really hate to find out I’ve been measuring wrong I have been cheating when measuring and really not the size I thought I was, losing about .5 or so in length. Anybody

The best advantage of measuring BP (bone pressed) is that you’re more likely to get consistently accurate readings. With NBP (non bone pressed) there are too many variables. Measuring with a ruler, not a tape, push the ruler into your fat pad toward the pubic bone with the ruler parallel to the floor and the edge running down the midline of your penis. Et voila, an accurate and consistent way to measure.

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Measuring bone-pressed gives you a consistent frame of reference, so you know that your length gains are true gains, and not just the result of changes in the thickness of your fat pad. You should measure directly above the penis, not from the side. You’ll get a more consistent measurement from the top. It’s too easy to fudge a little extra length measuring from the side.

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