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NoX2 and cold sores

NoX2 and cold sores

I’ve heard on here that L-arginine can trigger cold sore (herpes) outbreaks. I’ve been known to get cold sores about once a year. For whatever reason I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time. I’ve heard of eating too many acidic foods, exposure to sunlight, stress, poor diet can trigger this. I workout regulary so taking nox2 would benefit in a better pump in the gym, and bigger loads. These benefits would be negated if it caused me to have a cold sore outbreak. So has anyone here that has taken nox2 experienced any outbreaks? And are you fairly sure the arginine cause them? Thanks

Hi there,

I have been taking Arginine for about two years now, and although I have always suffered from cold sores I don’t think there is any correlation with taking this amino acid and an outbreak of sores.
They seem to occur when I’m run down, when I’ve been out on my motorbike and had either too much wind or too much sun on my lips. To be honest the only effective I notice from taking these supplements is that I am a little bit more Randy, i.e. it increases libido and maybe a very slight increase in muscle bulk, but unless you did back-to-back tests with a large group of candidates how would you know?

I RARELY get cold sores and i’ve been taking l-arginine for about 6 months now and i’ve had no cold sores at all.


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