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Now I'm dedicated to PE

Now I'm dedicated to PE

So here’s a bit of depressive ranting. When I came to this forum and posted my stats and all that and why I was doing this; members on here really boosted my self confidence by telling me that (amazingly) my penis was above average. Now, with that, I was pretty stoked and after looking it up on the Internet I apparently am and it felt great! I finally didn’t feel embarrassed or worried about how big my dick was so I took a leave of absence to go to parties and chat up beautiful women. I had absolutely no complaints: that was until last night. I hooked up with a girl at a party who pretty much told me she expected nothing less than a whopping 8 to come flopping out of my trousers. Needless to say I was missing an inch and a half to make that and it didn’t help when all of her friends claimed that anything less might as well be a little boys. So now, I’m pissed. Although I may be bigger than some of the other average Joe’s out there, I still don’t measure up to these insane sizes that women seem to expect to be flinging out of my pants. So now, I’m dedicated to these exercises. Even if it’s pretty much impossible I’ve decided that 8 is apparently what all these girls want so, with that, that’s what I want. Expect to see more of me.

You know that girls actually add like 1-2 inches (atleast) when they try to measure penises with only their eyes ? As have been stated many times before on this forum, they are absolutely TERRIBLE to guess the size.

Good luck and happy gaining my friend!

Start: BPEL - 5.7/5.9 x 4.7 (14.6/15cm~ x 12cm)

Short term goal: 6.3 x 4.8

Goal: 7.3 x 5.5

Take a look at this graph and see just what percentage of men actually have the ‘real men’ size they talk about. This means they reject 97% of men on the planet based on dick size!

Don’t forget, there are chicks that just like having that bitchy attitude, because it makes them feel better about themselves.
If you’re gonna do PE because of these kind of remarks, you will miss out on life in the process of doing PE (the mentality of ‘when I finally have the big dick girls want, only then I can start approaching girls confidently).

Girls can be quite stupid indeed… most girls have been with a whopping 6” or less and they pretty much need a ton of foreplay before they can even handle that… The stupid media and the lies from some guys pretty much perpetuate this nonsense of a large penis and why they “MUST” want a guy with it. Girls say they want 8”, women say 5 - 6 inches.. why? because women know better…

Also agree with happypill.. every girl I’ve been with said I’m over 7” which is of course inaccurate.

PS. You shouldn’t let a girl hold power over you like that man… That’s the only way girls can have power over guys, by making them feel insecure over their size… your size is bigger than most guys (specifically most guys they’ve been with)…

Start --- NBEL 6" length 5" girth

Current --- NBEL 6.5 length 4.9" girth --- BPEL 7.2 <--- WTF? I hate this fat pad.. I'm not even fat!?

Goal --- 8" length 6" girth

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It sounds to me that you either ran into a pretty bitchy girl or maby she meant that you look like a really well-hung guy. Anyway it takes a lot of motivation and time to succeed with PE so you better find some other reasons do it.

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