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Noticing slight girth gains, but not length

Noticing slight girth gains, but not length


I’m the noob with depression that found it hard to jelq. Well, I have been jelqing nonetheless for about, hmm, maybe 4 - 5 weeks (the day after I signed up here). I also started masturbating about a week after that - up until then, I hadn’t, and I’m in my early twenties.

I have noticied some slight girth gains - actually, one day, my unit looked more round/spherical than oblong/cylindrical - but the length gains are none existent. I’m on the newbie routine. What are the main causes of minimal length gains:

Not pulling hard enough?
Hot water warm up wearing off halfway thru?
Poor grip (uncircumcised)?

I stretch at night and jelq in the morning (there is no other way, coz of my life, job, school, home situation). After the AM jelq, I hang low, get my confidence up, then by the time I get home, it’s back to it’s regular size.

Not a thorough warm up, impatience.


If you’ve just started you need to understand that this is going to take time.

It sounds like you are responding to some degree right away, so be encouraged by that.

I would get a heat pad (or make a rice sock) that you can microwave and have on hand to give you a better warm-up. I recommend a longer duration of heat initially: 15-20 minutes. The more you heat the tissue the softer and more pliable it is. And the more blood is invited to the region. This helps prevent injury and aids in flexibility.

For your stretches you can apply heat while you stretch as well. This may help.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep a steady routine and don’t push too hard for results. They will come, but it will take time.

For depression look into taking fish oil. There are a few threads on it here you can search. At high doses fish oil can really help.

Good luck and welcome to Thunder's.

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You must do the warm up, if you don’t you are not gonna get any results

Originally Posted by duhec17
You must do the warm up, if you don’t you are not gonna get any results

Is that so? Then I wonder why my dick has grown so much lately.

So, Bird2, you suggest not doing warm up - thank God for that, I understand that it may be necessary, but to me it was kinda weird, so I just ‘play’ with it (not in that way!! ;-), To warm it up a bit and start stretching.

Good advice!

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