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Noticing Positive Effects of PE

Noticing Positive Effects of PE

Since starting PE back in April I’ve gained almost an inch. My wife has noticed somewhat, but I’ve noticed in other areas besides sex. I’ve always been a boxer-brief guy and it’s never been a problem, but since doing PE my flaccid hang is about 2” on average longer than it used to be. I’ve noticed the extra meat down there and while it’s annoying at times, I’m stoked about it too. It means PE is working!

That got me thinking. What were some of the first signs you noticed PE was working for you besides the ruler telling you so? Might be encouraging to some of us noobs.

Did you like me need to make a change about what kind of undies you wore? Was it something else for you? No one knows your tool better than you. Just because your girl doesn’t notice yet, doesn’t mean your not gaining.

April 2011: EL: 4.67" NBP EG: 4"

Current: EL: 5.52" NBP EG: 4.48"

No longer a skeptic.

For me it was the as you said, longer hang.

Just walking around with it slapping places it didn’t before felt great.

Also, when my dick turtles up now, there is still a lot of shaft exposed, it never gets as small as it used to, you can definitely see the gains in smallest of areas, and all of them are encouraging.

Starting Length(Late August 8/11): 6.5 BPEL Currently:6.75 BPEL Short term Goal 7in BPEL

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Yea flaccid hang is a typical initial indicator. For me what was most striking first off was the the eventual change in skin texture on the top of my member. More defined veins and general surface makes it look more hard and powerful when erect. I keep looking for changes in this as a sign of progress

Yesterday while having sex with the wife I noticed the end of my cock tapping her cervix each time I pushed in. This was the first time I felt this with any frequency, and it was aewsome. I`ve only gained about .25” in two months of pe, but it is already making a difference. Definitely positive reinforcement.

yippp gotta say the best reinforcement is feeling a tighter vagina during sex!

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