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Note to Newbie from another newbie

Note to Newbie from another newbie

My fellow Newbies, I am sure by now you’ve already read quiet a lot about PE. Some of you might be baffled, some inspired, still some excited to try it out. Whatever your initial inclination maybe I would like to share a warning with you about kegels. Or at the minimum share my experience with them.
If you are very new to PE, and you anticipate sex in the near future(say 1-2 weeks from now). You might be already thinking of ways to enhance your performance. Then lo and behold, you find out about kegels, something that makes you last longer, have harder erections and shoot as far out as the moon! Your fervour at this discovery, leads you kegeling every time you think of sex, and if studies are right, this about every 7 seconds! If like me, you think “Hey too much of a good thing, can be wonderful” and you continue kegeling, right up to the second you’re with the woman you’re about to sleep with.
When you do get down to it you discover, to your great consternation, that little major down there is hard, but he stands at attention as and when he feels like it. The penis has a will of it’s own! All your kegeling might be to blame. Let me re-iterate, your kegeling might share a part of them blame IF(and only if) you have’nt been stretching and jelqing.

This is what happened to me, my long distance girlfriend was coming over in about a week. About a week before I found out she was coming(~2 weeks before her arrival) I decided to start PE, but I dint have enough time to jelq and stretch, nor did I at the time have the privacy to do so. Kegels to the rescue! Thinking that what harm could firmer and longer-lasting erections could do? I decided to direct my energies at kegeling. Also I stopped masturbating and watching porn a week before her arrival. I was literally hard the minute our lips met. But when it came down to it, I went soft by the time it was time to enter her. You could argue this was mainly due to performance anxiety, and I agree that is a major reason. But also kegels. Here’s how I found out for sure. The next time she came(arrived, you pervert) , I had not kegel-ed for a week, had masturbated only 3 days before but the sex was intense, she came before I did!

Recently I have had time to do the entire routine, stretch, jelq, warmup, kegel the whole shebang. This time I actually do feel like I have much stronger erections, and am pretty confident of lasting even longer. So bottom line, if you're new to PE, don't focus all your energies simply on kegeling!

A little background on myself. 21 years old. Measurements: 5.5-5.75” BPEL by 4.33-4.5” EG. Average, or slightly under average? Depends on the study you wish to consider. I did PE for a few months, 2/3 years ago. Gained about 0.5 of an inch(was 6 inches back then) Stopped for no concrete reason, except that I thought I was wasting valuable time. Beginning to get insecure about my size, I decide to start again. Since I’m in University, I realise now is the only time I’ll have enough free time and privacy to do this. So I will PE for one year till I graduate. Then, well, then the world is mine to conquer!

From my person experience, I haven’t found any relation between kegeling and premature ejaculation. I do, however, have noticed a relation between not ejaculating in a week and premature ejaculation LOL.

What in God’s name are you on about ntesla?

Performing Kegels on a consistent basis is one of the single simplest things you can do to improve circulation and muscle tone in and around your genitalia.

There is no direct causal connection between Kegels and premature ejaculation.

And please, give us all a break, and use spell check. It’s part of our forum guidelines here for a reason.

Please do not make outlandish claims, unless you can back them up, and please respect our rules. :leftie:

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After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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