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Not working

Not working

i have been peing for about 3 weeks and nothing is happening, can some1 suggest a better routine??

Hey lil_mo nice to meet you,

Whats your current routine?

3 weeks is no real time in which a judgement can be made as to whether something is working or not. If you said 2 months, that would be different.

As Thunder is still AWOL: Check out the Forum Guidelines . Be a little careful to use good english here so that readers for whom English is a second or third language stand a better chance of understanding (e.g. not using numbers in place of letters).

sorry about the lanquage. my routine is the newbe routine and i was wounderin would long would it take??

If your not seeing growth within 1.5-2 months, there is something wrong but if you feel that your penis can take a little more stress then try increasing the intensity of the jelqing and/or going to a 3/1 schedule.

Take care, you penis will very easily be overworked early on.

how do you jelq to the left and to the right i dont understand it?? and does 3/1 mean 3 days on 1 day off

thanks for all the help momento

What do you mean left and right? I don’t see a mention of that. Jelq with both hands try both upward and downward angles (overhand ok for downward angle).

Yes by 3/1 I mean 3 days on one day off. Sorry to confuse (guess I need to read the forum guidlines :D )

i can not remember where i saw it but how do you jelq up or down and can you recomend a good streach?


Jelqing up you pull your penis towards the sky, jelqing down you pull towards the floor.

There are lots of good stretches, check out JAI stretches and blasters.

thanks for all your help mem

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