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Not understanding the LOT theory.

Not understanding the LOT theory.

I’m completely lost on the first part, it says the shorter, tighter and higher the ligs are.. so and so.. how do I tell what my ligs are like, its so complicated!!! lol!!

Hey man, don’t move this to the newbie forum please, because less people visit it. I am less likely to get a reply, especially from more experienced PE’er. I ain’t a newbie either I just don’t understand the theory.

Yo Johnnydepp, have you read KOG’s LOT Theory 101 yet? It’s a great summation of the test written in a very easy to understand format. Read it two times and report back here in the morning with any specific questions you still have.

Hah, ok I got it. Simple enough.

Wow…Thanks Stevie. I never saw that thread. Thanks man

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Sure thing fellas. This is one of those situations where your favorites come in handy. To add KOG’s thread to your favorites, simply click ‘Add to Favorites’ under the ‘Thread Tools’ menu at the top of the thread.

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Amen. :)

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