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Not sure what to do now.

Not sure what to do now.

Hi all,
About a little less than 2 years ago I developed some kind of weird pain that would come and go and change of place from time to time. This happened after a jelqing and intense edging session. I stopped PE, which I had been doing for maybe about 2-3 weeks prior to the pain, and went to see many doctors because the pain stayed for months (sometimes almost gone and sometimes real bad). Passed all kinds of tests but they found nothing. They all told me that it would eventually go away. Well, with time, it seemed like it would always be better and better, for the past maybe 4-5 months I have not been feeling it very much, and found my hornyness back (I forgot to say that the pain was causing me to lose a good part of my libido, especially during the hard pain parts, wether it was physically or mentally).

Anyways, I decided to go back to PE 3 days ago, since I was not feeling any pain no more. I warmed up, stretched a bit and made a 10 min jelqing session. Unfortunately, this made the pain come back once again. I’m not sure if this is because I’m lacking a bit of libido or the fact that I haven’t had sex for about a year now, but it seems like I can hardly get a true 100 % hard erection anymore. Also, this time, the pain seems to be located mainly in the perineum area, or the bulb of my penis (just behind the balls).

I really really would like to gain about an inch and half in length and half an inch in girth, but the pain is always preventing me from doing any PE exercises. I haven’t really tried others methods like hanging or pumping or whatever, but I’m really considering not to jelq anymore. So guys, what do you think ? Should I forget completely about PE or should I try other methods ? And if you guys think I should try other techniques, what do you propose in order to reach my goals ?

I know this post contains alot of different informations, but alot is going on through my head right now and I really don’t know what decision to make with all this. Thanks in advance for the help !

Try other methods. Recently I tried fulcrum stretches while kegeling and my EQ shot through the roof. I’m increasing the amount of time I’m doing the stretches to see if they negatively effect my EQ, but so far so good.

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Wow man I think your priorities are a bit skewed -

“I have had a pain for more than 2 years”
“My sex drive is down”
“Can’t achieve 100% erections”
“How can I gain 1.5 inches in length and .5 girth?” <— Wait what? That’s what you want help with? The pain is your primary concern.

I think the primary focus is to get rid of the pain instead of focusing on gains at the moment. The fact that you are not achieving 100% erections is call for alarm.

Perhaps you are damaged your BC muscle in some way; you mention that you were doing an “intense edging session”. However the fact that this has been going on for a little less than 2 years is cause of even more alarm.

I don’t see how any other technique is going to help when even jelqing, the most basic of the basic is causing this much agony.

So this pain, is it like a pressure or dull ache or a sharp pain?

I am thinking it wouldn’t be muscle as this would help in some fashion, particularly over 2 years. Could be pudendal nerve entrapment - However this is idle speculation and webMD nonsense.

Pain is natures way of saying “HEY pay attention here because something is not working properly”; I hope you refocus your efforts on this rather than length and girth gains.

Am I alone in thinking this way?

Rocko_cpe, take care bro.

DISCLAIMER: not a doctor, you should probably see one and explain what is going on. Be persistent.

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See a doc.

If I had pain in that region I’d have trouble getting full 100% erections as well so seeing a doc and fixing this pain thing will help you gain size.

Have you considered seeing a doc?

I wouldn’t see a doc if I were you.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

As I prevously said, I went to see many doctors for that problem. None of them found anything wrong. So eventually with time I became kind of used to the pain, telling myself it would eventually go away. One of the doctors gave this explanation : sometimes people experience pain in some areas without exactly knowing why. And since the area in which I feel pain contains alot of blood vessels, it might take more time for the pain to completely go away. Anyway, over those almost 2 years, the pain did decrease alot gradually. It was pretty much gone before I tried PE a couple days ago.

Oh and btw when I say I can’t get 100 % erect, it’s not like I’m not hard, I am but maybe like 90-95 %. But as I said this may be caused by the fact that I have not had sex for more than a year now and porn really does not get me that much excited compared to sex.

Anyway now, it seems like I’ve fallen into the same process again, but the initial pain was not nearly as great as when I first felt it. It’s not THAT bad right now and I suppose it’ll be gone in not so long.. Well I hope at least.

Still, if I have to experience everytime after jelqing, it’s not gonna be possible for me to do it constantly. That is why I’m wondering wether I should just quit, find other methods, or go see another doctor or specialist and try to find the source of the problem.

Hi Rocko_cpe, I understand where doctors tell you ‘don’t know why you are having pain, but you are’. I once had epididymitis, which was rather painful. I went to the GP who just said I must have injured it exercising and gave some pain killers. The pain persisted and I was sent to a urologist who said it was some STD or another - my panel came back clean and said, ‘well, it could just be some pain’. I then booked an appointment at a really good urology clinic in London and the urologist there (a rather nice fellow) said it could be so many different things, let’s do a wait and see.

Three doctors later I finally had an ultrasound to find that I had a cyst on the epididymis which caused general pain and was worse when ejaculating. This was over the span of about 1 year and a bit. The cyst has now gone away and I am pain free.

My point is that doctors aren’t infallible and often if they have large case loads and the causes are not immediately clear, some unfortunately quit and give lame excuses like the ones you and I got.

Do you get the pain with jelqing only or also with sex or masturbation?


Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

I guess you fucked up the ligament of your dick, just like when you break a leg or shoulder, the solution I would say is many hours on the hot tub, massage really slow during bath and use a heat pad, than that must be some food that help to strength the ligament, but take it slow don’t rush to PE when the pain is gone or you might be injured forever

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