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Not sure if real gains or just firmer erections.

Not sure if real gains or just firmer erections.

So I’ll have to look it up but I don’t think I’ve been PEing for more than 2 weeks at the most - maybe a week and a half. My initial measurements were 6.5 x 4.9. The 4.9 was actually not a fair assessment. It was actually 4-15/16. And I think that from now on I’ll report in 16ths come to think of it. Anyway, I can’t really believe my eyes, so I’m thinking that this has to be just an increase in erection firmness rather than real gains. But the other day I visited my exgirlfriend (the one I mentioned in my first post). Well, we’ve been having some very long stretches of sex lately when I’ve been visiting. This last time was no exception. Granted I had a little help from my friend Viagra and a cock ring - but we had sex for something like 8 hours. No shit. We weren’t slamming that whole time obviously, but we were being sexual I guess for that length of time.

Anyway, I had that cock ring on for a good portion of that time which I think may have been a PE exercise without me realizing it. At one point I felt so engorged I just had to grab a ruler and look. And would you believe I measured 7-4/16” x 5-2/16? I couldn’t believe it. That’s like a 3/4” gain in length and 1/4” gain in girth in a little over a week, which was a just a mish mash of newbie routine and pump work.

Today I wanted to test and see if I still had any of that left without the ring or the Viagra:

7” x 5-1/16”!

And I haven’t done any PEing for the last 2 days because I’ve had zero time and wanted to give my dick a break anyway because it was starting to hurt a little. Could this just be erection firmness that’s causing this or could these be real gains? Seems hard to believe I could do this much in so short a time. I’m also noticing a noticeable difference in flaccid hang - though those dimensions are so variable that I didn’t bother measuring my start stats.

Congrats. Measure again in a few days, and not after a workout. That should confirm it.

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

Summer goal- 6.25 BPEL, 5.25 EG, HELP ME GET IT!

You measured with the cock ring on? Girth gains wouldn’t be that accurate with a cock ring on. Were talking about measuring with a normal erection would be the most accurate.

Yeah I measured with a cock ring on the first time. The second time was two days out and without a cock ring.

Even if it is just firmer erections that’s giving me the extra volume, I don’t think I really care - I win either way.

Even if it is just firmer erections that’s giving me the extra volume, I don’t think I really care - I win either way.

After finding out that this was probably the explanation for my large-by-huge (In my opinion, anyway) newb gains, I was a bit disappointed. But after rationalizing a bit, the disappointment left. Here’s the logic I used..

As long as you’re PEing on a somewhat normal basis, you’ll continue getting a nice skin-splitting hard-on when you’re really aroused. You are, therefore, putting that much more cock into your girlfriend when you’re with her. At it’s highest erection level, your unit now sports x” more than it did two weeks ago, and therefore x” more dick is getting into your partner. Mission accomplished. =)

Referencing the large gains I have also found as I begin the long road to a long.. Er.. Rod?

12/19/2005 - With the BEST erection I could muster..
BPEL 5 1/8” EG 5 1/4”

12/29/2005 - Again, best possible erection. This measurement was taken after an off-day. The quality was AMAZING compared to anything I’ve ever had, and I attribute most if not all of the longer measure on the tape to this phenomenon.
BPEL 6” EG 5 1/2”

2/08/2006 - Pre-workout, 24hrs+ since last “handling.” Still getting the glass-cutter erections. My GF (who was a virgin when we started going out) has not gotten used to it yet, and for the first time in my life, I’ve had to “take it easy” when first sliding in.
BPEL 6 3/16” EG 5 1/2”

2/21/2006 - Measured post-workout, just for shits and giggles.. And hit 6 1/2” on the ruler. Cool!! =)

This is all from the newbie routine, which I started a little more slowly than recommended, and have increased to somewhat longer durations than given as my cock continues to become conditioned. I threw in a few manual clamping sessions (very light, as in 10 reps/30 seconds or so each, just because the head expansion feels GREAT) now and again, but haven’t really deviated from the outlined newbie routine much. That’s about to change, but I suppose that story can wait for another thread. =)

Congrats on the gains, brother. This stuff is great. =)

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