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not sure if im clamping right?

not sure if im clamping right?

Depending on where I put the clamp on my penis during clamping, it sometimes will turn on its own more towards one side or the other.

In other words…how do i know the clamp is sitting in the right place? Ive been putting 2 clamps at the base of my penis when i clamp in order to ensure that im restricting blood flow through the veins. I just get really nervous that the 1 clamp isnt in the right place and isnt doing its job.

What are you nervous about? Are you getting good engorgement? Do you have any signs of damage (e.g., bad erection quality, heavy discoloration, thrombosed veins)?

You only need one. Nobody needs more than one. Wrap a small strip of neoprene around your shaft at the base. Clamp over the wrap as close to the base as you can get it, really push it deep into the fat pad. Click-jelq in blood. Click-jelq in blood. Repeat until you are fully engorged. Leave it until you feel discomfort then pop it off and jelq in fresh blood. That’s it, simple, easy safe.

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