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Not sure if I over trained

Not sure if I over trained

About 5 days ago I was doing my newbie routine. I normally do around 60-75 jelqs a session, I started with my first doing 50 and gradually increased the jelqing amounts to 75 then 6 days ago I started doing 100 jelqs per day. I did a 100 jelqs then the next night I tried to do 100 again but my erection didnt feel right and I slowly began to lose my erection after around 25-30 jelqs. I Immeditely stopped jelqing and just masterbated instead. I was afraid of this weird erection problem so I decided to take a few days off as well as masterbation. During those days my erections were less frequent and I don’t think I got a random hard full erection for the last 5 days like I did before the problem occured. Today I masterbated and my erection was full but not as full as say 6 days ago when I didnt have the erection problem. The strange thing is that I also measured my penis today and it was as long as when I was doing very good jelqing. So I’m not sure I’m gettin mixed signs from my penis and I don’t know what to make oout of them can anyone help? Thanks

You deffinately over did it.

First sign of over training is a lack of good Eq and motivation. You could remain as long as before but girth will decrease in overtrained off days.

Take a week off and start adding 3 off days a week.

If you did over train, it’s probably pretty minor. You said it was less “full”, did your girth change? Might just be in your head from your experience 6 days ago; you’d be surprised how much your subconscious can effect these things. You can take a few more days off if you’re worried about it.

I wouldn’t worry too much, just take a few days off.

Difficult for me to remember, as my starting PE days were a long time ago. I have started and stopped quite a few times over the years. Anyways, with jelqing if I over did it, I got spots from burst capillaries. Common over training with jelqing and manual stretches. If you didn’t get any spots, you probably didn’t over do it too bad at all.

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My girth size did look a little bit smaller but then again I don’t really notice girth changes cause it’s harder to measure. Should I just stay with 75 jelqs for a while and not push it to 100?

Play it by how you feel. Maybe start back at 75 and build up when you feel like 100 doesn’t affect your EQ negatively.

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