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Not Starting PE Yet, but Need Beginner Kegel Routine

Not Starting PE Yet, but Need Beginner Kegel Routine

Hey Guys,

Long time lurker, but I have never committed to doing PE until now.

Firstly, I’m in the process of getting away from porn, so I’m taking the next 4 weeks off from porn and masturbation. This is to condition myself to get away from porn completely. It’s not a problem, I just think it gets in the way of my starting any PE routine.

Secondly, while I’m taking time away from my penis, I wanted to start to build EQ by starting to kegel. I have searched all over Google and here and I cannot seem to find a good, thorough instructional routine for beginners.

Can anyone make a recommendation based on my current situation? Many thanks in advance!


“While I’m taking time away from my penis…”

If you do PE, you will be spending a lot of time with your penis, lol.

There are some good posts here on kegels but I’m too lazy to do a ‘search & link’ operation right this minute.

A quick demonstration:

The next time you go to urinate, consciously stop the flow. Do you feel a certain muscle contracting? That’s the muscle you want to target. You can flex it anytime you want; you don’t have to wait until you go to urinate although that is a good time as any to practice as well.

There are two schools of thought on kegel exercises. One teaches to flex it rapidly with numerous reps. I’ve read posts from some guys whose routine consists of several 1000 reps in a day. The other camp I refer to as the ‘clench & hold’ group’. You flex the muscle and hold the flex for a few seconds. Times vary among participants, from 4 seconds to a minute. Some use graduated times, increasing the time as they go along.

Which is best? Hard to say as there is no scientific data to back up either conclusion. A safe bet would be to do a little of both.

As for me personally, I have to endure a 20 minute train ride to work every day. Guess what I’m doing during those 20 minutes! :-)

I mix up short kegels with 5 sec kegels. Book I read for middle aged men (by a urologist) suggested the 5 second ones for strengthening the levitor ani muscles. For better erection support.

I would say start with 25 short kegels and add a few every day.

Thanks, Sleepy and Sta!

I should have clarified in my first post that I have searched all over Google, this site and another PE site and I cannot find a “definitive” or agreed-upon beginner Kegel routine. Also, I have done PE before and have done kegels, but I never stayed with anything, because life would always get in the way and most everyone has been satisfied…until recently: that being me. I want another inch in length and 1.5 inched in girth. And I am wanting to last longer in bed.

I am looking for something like, “do x number of these (and x number of these) for x times, or x minutes, for x number of days starting off.

I don’t want to overdo it, as when I did PE a few years ago, I overtrained. I have read to do Kegels 5 days on, 2 off, or every other day, etc.

SO, I am looking for a routine to start off with and build on that.

Thank you for the suggestions!

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