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Not-so-newbie newbie introduction...

Not-so-newbie newbie introduction...

I’ve been lurking for years, as have my PE experience—going on and off again different programs, experiments, and basically just trying to come up with ways to make my dick bigger. So, I figured it’s about time to try to add to the conversation a bit. I’ll try to contribute to the forums with whatever experience I may have. But I thought I’d give a little information about myself.

I’ve stretched, jelqed, pumped and hung things off my dick, none with any real consistency until lately, for the past few years with limited success. Seeing as I never took any measurements in the beginning, I’ll try to guess-stimate my stats at the VERY beginning. I would say I started out:

6.75” EBP x 5.25” EG

Over the past month or so I’ve been doing a pretty consistent pump workout where I basically do a non-stop 30 minute pump session of 10 minutes at 7Hg, 10 minutes at 8Hg, and then another 10 minutes at 8Hg, but with a 20 second interval in each minute where I milk the tube to 10Hg and give really hard kegels—10 1-second kegels and then a long 10-second kegel. I know you guys will probably say this is too much, but I’ve done this routine in the past and have had no ill effects from it.

[WARNING TO NEWBIES: Don’t try these extreme Hg’s without some long-term experimentation with your own dick first. Everybody’s different.]

Seeing as how I get a great pump but also a pretty good amount of doughnut, I do the wrap thing from my scar line to the bottom of the head to subside the fluid. Works out great for me. But again, everyone’s different.

So I measured today because I want to get on a regimen and stick to it:

7.0” EBP x 5.5” EG

And interestingly enough, I decided to measure again after my pump session and I measured 7.25” EBP x 6.0” EG. I wasn’t surprised by the EG measurement (I use a 10x2 tube) but was surprised I got that big an increase in EBP. Of course, I know this is temporary, but it’s nice to think of what might be someday!

I’m fairly happy with my girth, so I really want to work on length. I’m considering hanging again, as long as I can construct something half-way comfortable and convenient. I think hanging was a big reason for my quarter inch length gain from way back when.

Of course, my ultimate goal is the coveted 8x6!

Enough rambling—I welcome all comments on my workout, stats, etc. I hope to get pictures soon!

Personally I would just stick to what advice is show-in on here.

You don’t want to over do it now do you ?



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