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Not overdoing it really works!

Not overdoing it really works!

So I got inspired by some of the stuff you guys wrote, and decided I had been getting a bit too enthusiastic and jelqing for too much time each day. I was feeling like I was spending too much time on PE. So I took two days off, and then went to a more moderate stretching/jelqing routine like I had been doing in the beginning. Anyway, I don’t know WHAT happened, but after making gains of only 1/16 of an inch since my beginning on 15/11/04, today I measured and am now at just a tad over 5 3/4 (I’m counting it as 5 3/4) BPEL, which represents a cumulative gain of 1/4 inch since the beginning and 3/16 of an inch since I last measured. Maybe I just had a really good erection today, but I know this is longer than I have ever measured. Anyway, I’m going to remember not to get overenthusiastic, and to stick with what I’m doing for a while.

Congratulations, Swinteck,

Your gains are real.

The more I do PE, the more I’m convinced it’s all about rhythm, listening to your body, (and dick), and following the dictum that sometimes “less is more.” Thanks, pal. I have to keep reminding myself of this. I, too, tend to get carried away at times.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Swintech, you have seen the light. As soon as I finished reading the post Sparkyx referrenced above it changed my whole train of thought about PE. I think it is going to revolutionize PE. Being more sensitive and “in tune” with your body is the key to good gains. And now you are living proof of that. I hope to be as well. My second set of measurements is coming at the end of this week.

And as HH so aptly stated, sometimes “Less IS More”

Good luck and I wish you continued success. Keep us up to date on your pregress with your new found knowledge.


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