Not much MSEG progress from my routine. Focusing on BPEL now.

Hey guys.

I’ve been on a hanging/jelqing routine from 1/28/13 to 4/19/13 without much gain in MSEG. In that time, I have gained 0.1875” (3/16 of an inch) in BPEL. I took pictures before and after this routine (and one time in between), and I will not post them on the internet. Sorry still skittish of the privacy.

The routine has been basically 5 times per week, hanging for 1-2 hours and jelqing for 20-40 minutes (depending on the week). I changed it up week to week. So for example, one week was 1 hour hanging and 40 minutes jelqing, and the next week would be 1.5 hours hanging, and 30 minutes jelqing. I changed it up so I wouldn’t get too passive or bored with it. I tracked my time on a spreadsheet. I’m VERY disciplined with this stuff and have never missed a planned session.

So in an effort to continue (and maybe accelerate a little) the BPEL gains, I will focus on hanging only and forget about jelqing for the next 6 weeks. This time, I will aim an infrared heat lamp onto my dick while hanging. Every time I have done this in the past, my dick feels super relaxed and stretched out. Here’s the routine I’m going to do, and I welcome any ideas for improving it:

Sunday - 1.5-2 hours hanging with infrared heat lamp
Monday - 1.5-2 hours hanging with infrared heat lamp
Tuesday - 1.5-2 hours hanging with infrared heat lamp
Wednesday - off
Thursday - 1.5-2 hours hanging with infrared heat lamp
Friday - 1.5-2 hours hanging with infrared heat lamp
Saturday - off

My hanging technique is to hang while sitting/standing and going about my business on my computer at home, cooking, eating, watching TV, reading, etc. I let 1200 mL of water (about 3 pounds including the weight of the bottle) in a Nalgene bottle hang between my legs or between the cheeks if I’m sitting and slouching in my computer chair. I find it really hard to get a good stretch when hanging to the right or left side by putting the water bottle over one side of my legs. I also can’t get the neck strap technique to work without my dick going numb after 10 minutes:

My hanger is the VacADS4 seen here: