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Not happy

Not happy

I restarted PE in July of 08, since than I have gained approximately 1” in length and .313” in girth. However since than I haven’t been able to gain. Actually since the end of November I have not gained any length or girth. I gained all of this through pumping in fact I was getting to 6” 7/8” in the tube!! But nothing outside of the tube.

So I started to hang BTC at the end of march beginning of April and I still haven’t gained anything.I am starting to become discouraged.
My ultimate goal is 8” x 6” BPEL. However I would be happy with 7.5” x 6” NBP of course.

I don’t know what to do any more.also I tested my LOT and it’s some where around 7 so I don’t know if I’m hanging right.

Am I being too impatient?

It’s not clear to me if you have gained 1” with the pump (in the tube but not outside) or eitherwise.

1 month of hanging isn’t that much time to see gains.

I gained 1 inch from pumping.

If you gained 1 inch since last July you should thank your lucky stars:) . Gains slow down as time goes on you get a much lower return per hour invested so don’t expect to see gains the way you did when you started,

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Ok. So you gained 1” but only in the tube? Nothing outside?

How about a basic manual routine?

As others have asked: Are your gains only present whilst in the tube?

If your gains were due to pumping but persist out side of the tube then count your blessings. One inch by .3”s is more than most guys that PE get.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Outside of the tube. Since my gains slowed down to nothing I decided to hang BTC instead. And yes I am happy with the gains I have achieved really happy but I want more.but I guess we all do.

Go ahead with hanging since you started, but don’t expect gains from a day to another - the basic factor in hanging is time under tension.

If you never tried seriously before, you can also switch to a basic manual routine, it will require less time. It’s up to you.

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