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Not happy

Not happy

Well I was reading through the post titled “Scam” when someone mentions a website- Then I was wondering what they wrote as an average sized penis when I followed the links and found the table. This table listed a few nationalities and at the bottom- Korea. I was excited they tested korean men but then grew annoyed as I read the stats. 2.7 flaccid and 3.7 erect ?! I mean come on !! Did they fuckin test many korean men or just report about the smallest one?! I’m korean myself and I would like someone to see my damn almost 7” penis. Stupid measurers, if they ever came over here I would give them all a good slap in the face with my dick and shout “IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL SMALL ?” :D :D Just thinking to slapping one of those measurers makes me feel good :) . Stupid website.

Don’t get too upset about the mentioned results. For one, they usually calculate an average for a particular nationality. While you may have a 7 incher another may have a 4” penis. Depending on the number of men that they poll, the average may very well be 2.7 flaccid and 3.7 erect. Also keep in mind that if you look around at average penis size charts, they all vary. Some say a 6” penis is average, some say a 5.5” penis is average. BTW.glad to hear about your 7” wiener. That’s pretty good and above average in any poll!

Thanks furryone73 :D .


I’ve been to Korea and in the in the bath houses they all seemed normal to me. But then again I’m a grower so flaccid size is all relative.

Yes, I am a grower too. My flaccid is very embarrasing. If a girl looked at my flaccid length, she would think I had a small dick until I get a full erection and show her the growing capabilities of my penis. LOL XD

Be proud of yourself, bro. You can be the biggest Korean. BTW, I do 30 rotations each direction while bathing, it helps the FL.

Me too, trying to Fowfer to Correct it, I am a little above 7” now, and my flaccid dick I think is something like 2”(I had never measured) , hahaahah I just hated, when it’s cold then FUCKING EMBARRASSING!

I’m korean and 21 years old and I have BPEL 4.75’ and EG 5.25’ so I fall into the average of koreans but way below average world wide.

I just started the newbie routine on 1/17/07.

May I ask why would you even care? Hell if sites said black males average was 1 inch EL I’d probably be happy or not care. Because either way I’m stuck with what I’m got and can’t take credit for Mandingo or others like him. I guess this “pride in other peoples abilities, skills and physical traits” is something I will never understand regardless of race.

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