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Not getting much gains, have a look at my routine.


Originally Posted by 0nlyLegend
That’s just it, I’m very consistent with my routine. It’s just that I added stretching to it over 2 weeks ago.
Although I’m not seeing the increase in length, my dick is noticeably thicker with more prominent veins :D (whether that’s good or bad)
TheGreatDivider pointed out that I’m jelqing at too low an erection so I’m going to sort that out :)

From what I can tell you’re impatient. STOP HURRYING. As many have said, PE is not a race, it’s a MARATHON. If you’re doing everything right, you’ll notice the changes. More veins is exactly what I saw as well, so it sounds like you’re doing fine.

After 3-4 months I dropped off my jelq/stretch routine and went with hanging and light jelqing, during which I gained 1/4” BPEL/BPFSL in a month. Probably a newbie pop, but it’s a gain.

My point is, you have to stick with what you’re doing for at least a few months before you really know it’s working. Depending upon your results, you’ll have to adjust your routine (or not!).

Started hanging on 3/28/12 after minimal gains on the newbie routine. Still not discouraged! This game is 99.9% mental. Stick with it, gents.

After 1 month of hanging 5-6lbs BTC: 1/4" gain in BPEL and BPFSL!

Hahaha ^

I agree with what cantlook said about sticking with a routine. I’ve been guilty of changing my routine up weekly and rarely doing anything the same, and now I have no idea what I was doing to get my gains. Haha anytime some messages me and asks me what my routine is I honestly have nothing to tell them

March 7th/2012 BPEL: 6.7 EG:4.6 June 4/13 BPEL 7.00 NBPEL 6.4 EG: 4.6

Short term goal: 7.0 NBPEL EG: 4.75

Coming back from a year long layoff.


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