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Not Getting Anywhere, Looking For Suggestions?

Not Getting Anywhere, Looking For Suggestions?

ive been doing PE consistently, 4 days on, 3 rest days, for 3 months straight, consisting of a 5 min hot towel warm up. 5-8 minute stretching down, left , right. 5-8 min jelq session by hand, and by power jelq(i switch inbetween) and then i jump in the shower. ive measured and regret to say i have not gone anywhere. little discouraged right now, Anyone have Suggestions to maybe change my outcome?

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You haven’t put enough time into it yet, probably. Try 5 days a week and, more important, at least 45 or 50 minutes a day. You could also try hanging, in case you just don’t get enough stress to the structures from the jelqing and stretching.

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I’d go with some hanging or a penismaster on all day or something like that. A couple years back I went like 8 months (or somewhere thereabouts) doing almost an hour a day with lots of jelqing, hot-wrap, and some hand stretch and gained zero length. I’m just starting back up now and am thinking that some more direct stretching force applied to my ligs & tunica might be the way to go. Maybe try a bib hanger or a penismaster out.

All the best in your quest for a larger man-weener.

I agree with helluvastud.

There are many ligs and they are VERY strong. To see any type of gains, you must tug quite hard on them for extended periods. From what I can tell, everyone is built differently so it’s important to learn your own limits and exercise caution in order to avoid injury.

EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION: you’re doing this at your own risk! You only have one dick, so learn your limits.

Lastly, gains aren’t going to come overnight. If your current routine isn’t working, take the collective advice of the board, modify your routine and keep aiming for your goal. It takes hard work, but it’s worth it.

Who am I to talk, I’m still a newbie too! :p


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Re: Not Getting Anywhere, Looking For Suggestions?

Originally posted by SoonToBeHappier
5-8 min jelq session by hand, and by power jelq(i switch inbetween) and then i jump in the shower. ive measured and regret to say i have not gone anywhere. little discouraged right now, Anyone have Suggestions to maybe change my outcome?

5-8 minutes jelqing?! Jeez Louise man your dick is barely woken up during that little time :D

That’s only about 100 jelqs for me (5-8 minutes).

Here’s what I suggest:

Step 0 :
(OPTIONAL… DO THIS IF YOU HAVE TIME AND/OR WANT TO): make sure you’re not stimulated (completely flaccid) and stretch downwards for about 10 minutes. Best way to do this would be to hold each stretch for 5 seconds and then flop your dick to get circulation back. Then another set of 5 stretches, etc. Do about 35 of these… so seven sets of 5 stretches for 5 seconds each stretch :D You can stretch in different directions, but I suggest downwards because it will target those ligs great. Do this standing up.

Step 1:
Shower to warm up your dick and to make it nice and soft and limber to stretch it. Now go into your room and get some baby powder. Do a stretch called the A-stretch or , look up ‘DLD Blasters’ on this site (search button). They will wake that dick of yours up like a hotel alarm clock. Ideally, you want to do about 50 of these stretches… I do 10 sets of 5 holding each stretch for 5 seconds.

*Note- it took me a month to get the stamina up to do a complete 50 of these. I suggest you do only 5-6 sets (25-30 stretches) of these to begin with and build up for the 50. The routine requires some co-ordination so you need to just practice and keep at it.

** Stretch EVERY day. Maybe take one day off if your glans is not used to the pulling- it might swell a little or hurt. So USE cocoa butter or vaseline on your dick before going to bed to help the skin heal and stay moist.

Step 2: Get a hot wrap with a washcloth and wash the baby powder off of your dick. When you use the vaseline or lube to jelq the baby powder feels ‘gritty’ if it’s not all cleaned.

Step 3: After that stretch routine, jelq 300 times. Then in two weeks build up to 500 times. Jelq 500 times at least 5 days a week once you’ve built up the stamina and you should be good.

Step 4. Hot wrap again with a washcloth. This should just relax everything. You might notice your dick start to shrink after, this is just temporary- trust me… you’ve done a number on it with these exercises and it needs to recover a bit. I recommend you do some kegels before going to bed. Try to hold at least one for several seconds and eventually build up to a minute. Do about 100 kegels plus a good kegel hold for a few seconds built to a minute later on.

Step 5: re apply the cocoa butter or lotion to your dick to heal it overnight and try to watch tv where you can get a semi erection as you sleep. I suggest you sleep on your back and make sure you have a lot of blankts on your dick. The warmth will help it stay semi erect through the night and if it’s hot weather out- then just cover your waist with blankets if you have to- that’s what I did during the heatwaves this summer.

Keep this routine up for another 3-4 months and it should give you some gains. But KEEP IN MIND- you MUST stay determined and not slack off or give up. If you quit- you’ll NEVER gain… but if you keep PEing- you’ll EVENTUALLY gain because at least you’ll be working it every day.

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Yep, what those guys wrote.

Keep in mind that some guys, me for example, worked their willie for an hour+ per day for longer than you have been PEing and still got no results.
As much as I like hanging, I would advise really giving the manual routines a chance first. You have not even started yet. A very few gain big and fast, but I know of no one that has gained much of anything from a 15 minute 4 days per week workout.

Invest the time to read back over the archives and you will find the same story over and over. Guys that got zero gains untill they realy dedicated themselves to PE, and then often zero gains for months longer while they fine tuned their routine. Look at this as a good thing, if it was easy, everyone would have a monser schlong.

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