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Not exactly a newbie...

Not exactly a newbie...

I’m looking for a routine, something very simple that doesn’t require warm-ups or doesn’t consume too much time for the next three months.

I want to go from 7.5 EL and 4.75 EG to 8 and 5.

Any ideas? I’ve been here for a good year, but I stopped PEing a while ago. I want something a little more complex since i’m already trained in the beginner excercises.

Thank you and good luck all.

OK, here’s a few tips how to get the most out of your time:

1. Get an IR lamp and use it before and while you stretch/jelq
2. Stick to those two exercises for a start, if you’re really tight on time consider doing only stretching (no preparation time needed and you can multitask a lot better than while jelqing
3. I suppose you’ve already got the most out of your ligaments? If not, start stretching those
4. When/if you’re masturbating, look at the sign you stuck next to your screen where it says: “Do erect bends for the curve” (if you have one)

Current stats: 8" BP, 5.5" EG ~ Goal: 8" NBP, 6" EG

Wiki Picture Proof ~ My progress thread with measurement pictures

Why don’t you make up your own if you have done the newbie routine already ?

If you stopped PE’ing a while ago, and are just starting again, start with the newbie routine. You need to condition before hanging/clamping etc.. Unless you are a very easy gainer, use heat. Stretching and jelqing seem to return more gains, both in size and penile health, than anything else.

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