Not exactly a newbie, but.

Still haven’t made a post on the forums. Actually, I’ve lurked around the forums for about a year or so now and only recently was able to register when it opened up again the last time. I’ve done on-and-off PE when I’ve had the time since about 3 years ago so I don’t want to call myself a newbie, but it was never for more than 3 months at a time due to school. I generally follow the newbie routine, neglecting warmups/cooldowns at random and arbitrarily altering the strength of erection during wet jelqs. Unfortunately the skin on my member breaks much too easily to do dry jelqs, so I haven’t been able to test those, and the more complex exercises have me a little intimidated.

Current routine (sometimes skipped in parentheses):
(5 mins hot wrap or shower warmup)
10 manual stretches, 30 secs each
100-200 wet jelqs at 40-80% erection depending on day
(5-10 mins edging)
(5 mins hot wrap or shower)
2-3 days on, 1-2 days off

I never really made official measurements before I began the first time so I don’t know what my true starting stats are, but post-newbie gains suggest I’ve gained roughly .5”-.75” length - no idea on girth. EQ has gone down since then, but I’ve aged from 20 to 24, changed my diet significantly, had bouts of depression and some drug use, and began and stopped regular exercising multiple times, so who knows.

Based on recent monthly measurements it seems like the newbie routine is still yielding me results. Gained roughly .25” in length over the last month (which I had previously lost since stopping and starting PE the most recent time). I’ll be starting an official progress thread which will be updated with monthly measurements, if I can resist the urge to measure between months.

Of course I’ll be doing my own research, which will be significantly easier thanks to the search feature, but any advice from veterans on where to go from here would be appreciated. I’m still a newbie in spirit!