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Not enough

Not enough

I just finished my newbie routine. But unlike when I work out my body, I didn’t get any “it’s time to stop” feelings of fatigue or anything. Just that I fulfilled my number requirement for jelqs..

So far this is my first week, doing the basic newbie routine every other day + O-Bends. Is it bad to do more then the routine? Is there a point where I’ll know when to stop if I just keep going ignoring the numbers?

February 1: NPBEL: 5.25" Eg: 4.25"

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You should really be careful doing those’s one of the more advanced techniques you can really hurt yourself without prior conditioning.

I will give you advice, but not on the question. Try and use the space button a bit more. I mean on this (Routine.but) and (anything.Just)

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I really think less is more, when starting PE. I have read this over and over in this forum. I have also read allot of newbies hurting themselves very early.

I started the newbie routine and I didn’t feel like it was a good workout, much like you. I read the less is more stuff and gave it a try. I have gained 1/4 inch in length in about two months. I am doing less than the recommended newbie routine. I am not setting the world on fire, but it is growth and it is safe.

I understand this is a long journey. Not a sprint. So be patient.

Welcome to Thunders and the world of PE.

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Read this thread… NEW newbie + advanced routine

And others by searching Less Is More.

Besides conditioning the penis and avoiding injury many find they gain and even gain better with this less is more route. Others find they gain with that route where they didn’t with a heavier route as well.

I believe one of the theories is that at heavier routines instead of growing and stretching your penis, it instead toughens and tries to resist the strain your putting on it. Sort of like it has two options, grow to adapt to this strain or toughen up to resist it. So if you go heavy you might actually prevent gains. Then you’ll have to take a deconditioning break to allow your penis rest and to get back to a less tough state.

I’m sure all of us newbies are in a hurry, but we have to realize that might actually slow us down.

Okay thank you everyone

I’ve read less is more before many times I just guess I never applied it to myself. I plan to take my first measurements March 1st so I have one month of PE

February 1: NPBEL: 5.25" Eg: 4.25"

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Well said, Dickstrong. To build on what you said, what you want to try to do is work up to applying just enough force or stress to promote growth without making your penis stronger and tougher, and more resistant to stress. This is where a workout even less stressful than the Newbie Routine may be a good idea.

OneNightStand, you can always increase your efforts later on. In the early days of PE, you are learning the exercises and conditioning your penis to taking a little more stress (and a little different kind of stress) than it has been used to. And I think it’s safe to say that PE is a different kind of stress than your penis is used to; else you would be gaining size from masturbation or intercourse.

For that same reason, I’d suggest dropping the O-bends for now. Save those for later.

Feeling stressed or fatigued may let you know that you’ve done too much, but not feeling that way does not mean that you have not done enough, if you follow me, so don’t let that worry you.

And thanks for responding to Luka89’s comment about Forum Guidelines. We all appreciate it, and your changes did make your post more readable. That matters here.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Listen to these guy’s advice carefully, it’s easy to push yourself too far but once you mess yourself up, you can’t go back.


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