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Not engorged after jelq

Not engorged after jelq

Hello all,
I’m into PE since some month now, and I think I gained half a centimeter so far (that is, 1/8 “). Which for me is already something nice being started at 5.3”.
But, I noticed that while at first my penis looked definitely engorged after a jelq session, now it doesn’t anymore.
At all.
When I’m done, it sometimes look even smaller than before!
What can I do wrong?
I tried to speed the jelqs, to slow them down, to diminish the pressure of the OK grip; no change. I am a bit scared about increase the pressure; although I did it (to a certain extent); I’ve read that some had some accidents with PE and jelqing and I don’t want to risk mine. :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Some woman actually liked my cock and came with it, but I still would love to feel somehow more normal.


Sometimes I have “good” flaccid days, sometimes I have “bad” flaccid days.

Same with after PE, sometimes it is engorged sometimes it is not.

(I agree do not increase the pressure - kingpole suggest “masturbation grip” no tighter.

ON THE OTHERHAND, is it possible you are doing too much PE?

Take a look at these articles if you have not seen them already. (don’t need to read the whole threads, just the first posts)

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Tell me what you think.

Hello, thanks for replying.

For what matter doing too much PE, that’s for sure not the cause. I’m following a one day on, two days off routine. I’m taking it pretty easy.

Cheers :)

If I understand you correctly, what you are describing may be what is known here as “turtle” which refers to what you see when a turtle pulls its head into it’s shell. search for turtle and you should get more information, but at this early stage, it probably is a bit of over working your unit.

Thanks trips for replying.

Unfortunately it’s not even that. I mean, I know what “turtling” is, and my fellow doesn’t *retracts*.
It looks somehow thinner; which if I understood what turtling is correctly, as I believe, is different.

Actually, anyhow, fortunately it seldom look that way. Most of the times it’s just as it was before the session. While after my first two or three PE sessions EVER, it looked engorged, darker, and it felt a bit sore. Now I have some light soreness, and none of the “visual” effects. And I do MORE jelqs than I did in the beginning!

I can’t really see why this is happening.

May I get gains even if I can’t see that “pumped” dick at the end of the PE session? Or is that “bloating” mandatory? Do you guys ALWAYS have that?

Thanks again!

No, not always, but a pumped dick is generally considered a positive PI - shortly said, a good sign.

Do you use to warmup?

Anyway, after some month of consistent PE, 1on/ 1 off is probably a too low frequence. Try a 2 on/1 off and see how it goes.

Warm up with a hot rice sock, or a hot bath. Use a lighter grip. Consider ballooning a few times after the jelq. Just wait an hour or so to ejac or just save it for the wife or girlfriend.

I would go as far as saying you probably do not need to balloon but jerking up a nice solid erection for a few minutes after your session should start to leave you nice and plump after a good jelq session.

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