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Not all erections are born equal

Not all erections are born equal

I remember measuring every day, just to see if there’s a difference,
I noticed that each erection is different, not by much, but it could get to 0.5 inch of difference in rare cases.

One more thing I noticed, people seem to think that masturbation hinders the gains because after you masturbate a lot your erections are a bit “smaller” (as in the penis is smaller in length and girth), that’s temporary and will change back to normal once you give it a rest, from my experience anyway.

(still waiting for the autoxsleeve, hoping for the best :) )

This is why many men measure flaccid stretched length to track their progress.

What will measuring a flaccid stretched length tell you? Sorry for the noobish question.

If you stretch your flaccid dick as hard as you can, you will have a very consistent measure of length that should change, in response to PE, at about the same pace as your erect length does. The point is that your FSL should be the same every time you measure it (barring increases in size from PE!), whereas your erect length can vary with erection quality.

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