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Norway - Clamp

Norway - Clamp

I was just wondering where i can get a cable clamp in norway. If i can’t get one here, is there something else i can use?


I don’t know. You could always order online but I expect that the shipping would cost more than the clamp. Might want to ask the guys here:

The Scandinavian Thread

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Snalex, could u let me know if u found out abouth those clampers here in Norway :) tnx

Hey dverak, I’m guessing English is not your native language, but just so you know we try to avoid the chat-speak stuff here; so it would be ‘you’ not ‘u’ and ‘thanks’ not ‘tnx’.

For further clarification check this out: Forum Guidelines.

Do your best. :)

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Thats ok, i will try to do it better.

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