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Two weeks into the newbie routine, I feel my dick is bigger while flacid for some parts of the day but not at other parts. The veins on my dick are alot more evident and blue. I dont get as much morning and night erections and my erections overall have decreased. While dry jelqing the friction caused between my hand and penis, i wouldnt say hurts but I am more aware of it now. I don’t wet jelq, maybe thats why. I refuse to measure until a month is up. Also my sex drive has decreased significantly.

Are all my signs normal??

You need to take breaks between sessions one day on one day off. But for now skip a few days until you can pop those great boners again.

Uncircumsized men find it easier to do dry jelqs.

Flaccid hang fluctuates, flaccid dicks are funny that way.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Currently I’m doing 2 days on, 1 day off. My sessions dont last much longer then 15 - 20 mins. I might take some time off. Only 2 days I think.

It sounds pretty normal to me I would stick with what you have going right now. Just be wary of negative PI’s (sparkyx’s thread). Some days especially the morning after a workout I’ll have a monster flaccid and then sometimes it will go to smaller than it usually is throughout the day, that’s completely normal. Its normal to have slightly worse erections shortly after a routine, but just keep looking to see if you’re overdoing it or not.

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