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Normal to ejaculate while limp

Normal to ejaculate while limp

Hey all, it’s me beefster again. Just wondering, I just recently noticed my penis was sort of numb and a bit cool, so I’m sort of worried. Been doing pe for about the last week or so, and erections were pretty damn good until today. Had a pe session this morning and I guess I kinda overdid it because it’s nub and all. So I jerked off very lightly that night to see if I can get an erection, but to my surprise I nutted LIMP!, (keep in mind that I was pretty damn scared shitless while jerking off because I think I ruined my dick permanently, so I think fear kept me from achieving an erection) what’s wierd though is I remember walking around work earlier that day with my hand in my pocket because I kept getting hard-ons from nowhere. So I know it was workin fine earlier that day. Just kinda worried and searching everywhere I can on this website to find an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!


You aren’t using that Captain’s Wench already are you? If you’ve only been doing PE for a week you should still be doing the Newbie Routine and nothing serious like the Wench. Your other threads talked about your glans (head) being purple and cold. Now you say it’s also numb. Sounds like another case of a new guy trying too much too fast. Now you have to stop for at least two weeks and let things get back to normal. When you start up again, start with the Newbie Routine and take it slow.

And no, it isn’t “normal” to ejaculate flaccid, but it isn’t unheard of. Just leave your dick alone for two weeks or you’ll end up with a permanent problem.

Tell us your routine. It will make things a lot clearer so we can critique it.

Sounds like you need to rest from your PE for a few days. It really is easy to get over-enthusiastic and mess up. If you’ve been doing the newbie routine (as we’re supposed to), you may have overdone your jelqing- if you are too hard when you do it I believe you can really stress out your cock.
That’s why full-on errect jelqing is only meant for experienced guys.
Sorry I can’t help more but I don’t know that much myself yet.

Smokey187 is right- post what you’re doing and the experienced guys will help I’m sure.

Take a few days off and remember that the newbie routine is there for a reason.

Yeh, this has happened to me a few times in the past. Always when I’ve overdone my routine and am seeing something different from the usual rock-hard erections. Take two days off, or very lightly jelq and stretch just to keep the PE routine habit.

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Originally Posted by Bird2
Take a few days off and remember that the newbie routine is there for a reason.

Yea ditto what he said.

I wouldn’t think that you’ve permanently injured yourself - But I do think you maybe over doing it.
How many threads have you read where people have over did it a bit and found it a little difficult achieve and maintain an erection later that day or for the next several days? So the best advice is what everyone else has said: Stop for a few days, or until things return to normal, and then resume PE’ing only after you’ve fully digested the reasoning behind sticking with the newbie routine while you are a newbie.

Note that what has happened to you can also happen to the seasoned vet as well, myself included.
I always finish a session with a good hard on just so I know I’m ok, but even then I’ve had a few instances where it was slightly difficult to maintain full erection quality later. For me, this was caused by my over zealous attitude of wanting to have a big fat one when I knew I was going to get some action later in the day.

Just yesterday there was a good thread about jelqing / PEing prior to sex. Consensus seemed to be not to touch your dick for 6 to 8 hours prior to sex if you didn’t want to possibly encounter problems. I think you could amend that to be 12 to 24 hours if you really wanted to, depending on the level of your workout.

If you don’t want to temporarily limp your dick out and then become temporarily dependant on Viagra to offset it (been there, O’ the shame), then follow the PE progression as it’s outlined on this site. A lot of guys spent a lot of time figuring it out so that you could reap the full benefits of their experience, not to keep any knowledge from you.

Ok, you’re free to return to mangling yourself, but you HAVE been advised differently.

BTW, yes it is possible to ejaculate with out an erection sometimes.
It’s not a good thing and definitely not what you want.

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Thanx for all your input. And yes I have been following JUST the newbie routine. Haven’t even looked into the more advanced exercises yet. I think I was just jelquing too intensly. Did wake up the next morning with a morning wood though, but it wasn’t 100% hard like normally, and still had a loss of sensitivity. Won’t touch my dick for a few weeks, or untill everythings 100%. Thanx again for your input.

Only time I’ve ever edjaculated while limp is while I used tren (real harsh steroid) and ill never use it again.

Originally Posted by hollywood
Only time I’ve ever edjaculated while limp is while I used tren (real harsh steroid) and ill never use it again.

I had a friend that used some hard steriods that would sometimes leak semen when he would walk. terrible shit

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