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Normal stretches or V-stretches for length

Normal stretches or V-stretches for length

Hey everyone,

I was kinda wondering whether there is a difference between normal stretching and V-stretching when it comes to length gains. There is an interesting thread I read on another PE site which had you doing v-stretches for length if your LOT was lower than 8.00-6.00.

Would that mean that someone with a relatively low LOT of 8.00-6.00, would best benefit from doing v-stretches for length gains rather than normal stretching? If this is the case, for a newbie with a low LOT and just starting PE exercises would it advisable for him to switch from normal stretches to v-stretches?

The thread also said that having a low LOT and doing normal stretches would be a complete waste of time, which is why some guys with low LOT don’t realise length gains during the newbie routine and eventually give up. Is there anyone with a wealth of PE knowledge able to shed some light on this topic?


Try ignoring LOT to start with. Work the downward angles and see what gains you can get from the simple stretches. Progress to V-stretches after a couple of months if your gains slow down.

It sounds that from the basis of this thread, that actually the best stretch would be the BTC which is so far lower than any LOT :) The BTC stretch is a nice stretch and easy to hold for long periods.


Many thanks for your reply and advice. I’ll continue with the normal stretching as advised, as I seem to be ‘feeling’ a good amount of lig stretch and soreness after 10 sets of 30sec downward stretches.


Good stuff.

Change things if you see no results. Close monitoriing of your rotuine and gains is useful.

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