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Noose or Comfort Strap for ADS

Noose or Comfort Strap for ADS

I’m about to purchase an ADS, probably the penismaster, for the purpose of straightening a curvature. I was wondering if I should get an ADS with a noose or comfort strap to hold my penis below the glans. I know the comfort strap would be more comfortable (clearly), but I feel the nose might help straightening more because it stretches more of the penis (lower surface area of contact of the noose). Which would be a smarter purchase?

Thanks for the help

P.S. If I double posted, I apologize. I tried to create this thread but it never showed up in the forum.

I would say comfort strap. The noose acts too much like a loop and loops can actually damage the penis over time.

Most, if not all, of the guys around here would tell you to stay away from the noose as it can cause damage, and we are talking permanent damage.

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I own a Penismaster with the comfort strap, and have used it on/off during the last 8 or so months. I saw an improvement in length of around 0.4-0.5 inches, but my curvature (to the left) has not corrected by much. Let me warn you that while you can make the comfort strap more “comfy” by experimenting with adding sponges and stuff around it, it is very difficult or impractical to consider this to be an ADS, since wearing it will create a bulge in your pants, and it’s very uncomfortable to move around in. (It’s ok if you sit down and read or watch tv for long periods, which I don’t often do)

I just recently ordered the Vacextender, and am expecting to receive it this week. If you wanna wait a couple more days, I can update on how it compares with the Penismaster, once I try it out for a bit.

The comfort strap can be quite comfy. I have the Penimaster (NOT the peniSmaster) and I must say that it can be quite comfortable to wear under baggy enough clothing. I’ve walked around the garden with it on, it’s great. The only thing to watch out for is if you’re bending down to pick something up, you kind of have to bend sideways!

I received my Vacextender package a couple days ago, and have been using it a bit. i am very happy with it, the comfort level is amazing, I can get a good strong stretch with it (equal to or slightly more than the highest tension level on the Penismaster spring indicator) without the glan feeling uncomfortable at all, which surprised me alot. I didn’t even know I had it on such a high setting until I started feeling the ligament being stretched heaps .

Initially I had some issues with the glan cover sleeve, but now has been solved, after reading the appropriate documents and making adjustments to the sleeve.

Right now I am experimenting with the ADS feature (around waist and around leg), and the waist one doesn’t work particularly well for me (the way its setup prohibits strong stretching, but is capable of giving light stretches, which I guess is what ADS is all about: light stretching for long periods). Will try the leg one today.

In my opinion, having used both, the VACext is better than the Penismaster, but please take my recommendation as a suggestion only. You should read around some more before you decide to buy either one, since they are not cheap items. I especially suggest you read the “complaining” threads, to see what issues either devices have, and possible problems you may encounter with either one of them.

Good luck.

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