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Noobish kegel question!

Noobish kegel question!

I have been around for quite some time, and I have never actually done any kegel exercises, so I thought that it might be a good idea to start doing some of those.

Anywho, to locate your pc muscle your supposed to pause when peeing. I can do this, but what happens is that when I flex the muscle, some pee just “gushes” out before it stops (my english is bad, but it’s like it gets “pushed”out). Is it supposed to be like this, or am I flexing it “wrong”? I always thought that the pee was supposed to just “end” when flexing it, and not first “gush out”, then end.

Maybe you are flexing more than the PC muscle, my guess is that you are putting a lot of strength on the general are, so you are flexing to pee harder and to stop peeing at the same time so you gush, but since the pee stop I guess that won’t be a problem, try locate your pc muscle by doing normal kegels without peeing

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I believe you are doing it Right. When you press the muscle some of the pee that was still inside your penis going on it’s way out, gets pushed outside really quick due to the whole penis contraction. That’s what I think

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I have been wondering the same thing actually. I’m wondering if these might even be reverse kegels?

Thanks Westla! So, I guess since the BC muscle is responsible for pushing urine out of the uretha (among other things), then I should be doing it correct now, since what happens is that some urine spurts out before it stops when I contract it now. My penis also gets tugged a little into my body when I do them, and from reading those 2 threads, that should also be a sign that Im doing it right?

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