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Noob toughts and concerns

Noob toughts and concerns

I have a couple of questions. With hanging and stretching, arent you mostly just stretching the skin around the base of your penis and pubes more so than the ligaments? This is why so many people mention the amount of hair creeping up their shaft . Like I have said before I am new so this is just a theory. So what I do in my few times of stretching or jelqing is hold back the area at base so that I am not just pulling all of that skin/hair and actually feellike it is stretching inside rather that outside. Does this make any sense? And a high LOT is good thing right? If I pul him straiht up to 12oclock he tries to fight me big time. Also I plan on posting my starter pics today if I get the nerve up.

I’m new too. But I have been getting good results. Two things I like to comment on from your post.

Pubic hair. Looking at the members pix I see a lot of guys shave off their pubic hair. Myself I think pubic hair is manly so I would never shave mine. However the long stuff around the base was getting in the way of my routine. I cut the hair with scissors but I didn’t shave it. I looks natural. It is funny how much bigger my cock looked just doing that.

Second. I wouldn’t mind having a picture of my package on the site. I just don’t have the nerve to take the picture yet. How do you get over that hump?

Just to explain your LOT WDA628. If your dick tugs back at 12.00 (straight up towards your chest) this is not your LOT (loss of tug) Your LOT is when your dick does not tug back. heres what to do to determine your LOT.
1. Grip just behind the glans and stretch straight up, do a hard kegel. if it tugs back move down to about 11.00. Hard kegel again if it tugs back try again until it doesn’t tug back.

thats your LOT

Happy PEing Kdub

Got it. Then my LOT is like 9-10 then. Absolutely nothing after 9.

wda628 - Guys new to PE, especially those who have been circumcised, do find that they have to stretch the skin a bit before they can begin to work on the inner structures. I think it’s unavoidable as most of us have experienced it or complained about it. Getting a solid grip on the inner structures while doing manual stretches is something you can do to improve your progress. Using a small sheet of latex (like a Thera-band) or a rubber glove, or a paper towel or toilet tissue, or by applying baby (talcum) powder can help you grip behind the glans (head) solidly and put traction on the inner structures of your penis. Holding the skin back while stretching might help, but it takes your concentration away from the main part of the exercise and might reduce its effectiveness.

monument - Taking the photo is the hardest part. Both physically and mentally. It’s difficult to find the right background, hold a camera away from your eye, keep an erection and hold a ruler or tape measure at the same time. If you have someone in the house to help you, it’s a bit easier. Most of the members here are quite anonymous. Instead of a city, state or province, they use “USA” or “Europe” as their location. They have user names that are not at all related to their identity. They never talk about where they live, what they do, or who they live with. Realizing that no one really knows who you are or where you live should make it easier to get over the fear of posting a photo. Actually getting an image that is in focus, shows the ruler clearly, and shows you with a solid erection will be much more difficult. You can start by trying to get a photo made that you’d be happy with. Then you can work on getting the nerve to post it. You can always change your mind and a moderator can remove your dick pic thread at any time.

Well I got up the balls (pun intended to go and post my couple of startrer pics but it says I can’t. I have been looking as to why but cannot find. I am a regestered member. I see several other newbies pics in there.


I think you have to post so many times then you get reviewed to make sure your not a time waster or here to spoil others experiences.


Forgot to say this. with your high LOT you should see length gains come quicker than girth.

wda628 - Here’s a quote from the FAQ (button, top right of every page):

New Members can reply to any thread, in any forum, but can only start new threads in the Newbie Forum. Once 20 posts have been made, and after 14 days from registration, new threads can be started anywhere and an avatar can be uploaded.

Once you’ve been here for two weeks and have made 20 posts you can start your own pic thread in the Member’s Pic forum. Until then, go ahead and start a new thread here in Newbie and one of the moderators will move it to the Member’s Pics forum for you.

Thanks westla. I thought I remembered reading something like that on my first day but couldn’t find it today. I don’t want to cheat and post it in the wrong place. I will just wait till I have 20 posts or 2 weeks I guess. No need to get in trouble just to get some penis pictures posted early.

All attachments are moderated. A moderator will see it before the public does and they’ll also see the forum in which it was posted. Seeing a dick pic in the newbie forum should alert the mod that the thread needs to be moved to the Member’s Pics forum before the image is released. So, if you want your pic posted now, you can do that here. If you want to wait, that’s fine, too. You won’t get in trouble. However, Thunder won’t be very happy with a mod who isn’t paying attention and releases a dick pic in the Newbie forum. :D

Isn’t it a little contradictory to say we should post pics before we start any program, yet we need to wait 20 posts and 2 weeks, while also saying that they want to “monitor” your first 2 weeks of posts to make sure you are not wasting peoples time with crap and silly questions, but also saying don’t post silly questions, instead look into searching and the f.a.q’s ? It is kind of hard to do one without the other, unless you just pop in on every topic and say one or two words for the hell of it.


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