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What are the best Non-manual devices for PE (by Non-manual i mean not using hands)

Hey Doc,

There are a few devices/methods (non of which I know first hand):
1. Bib’s Hanger - very popular among many of this forum’s members. Plenty of information on the hangers forum.
2. The Power Jelq - A device that mimics the manuel jelqing motion.
3. Drum sticks - a relatively new idea of applying forces on the penis using two drum stics.
4. Stretchers- using straps to tie your dick and stretch it under your cloths.
5. The fowfer butt stretch- pulling it backwards between your legs, placing it between the chicks and sitting on it (reported to work wonders for flaccid gains).

If you’r interested I’ll try to link you to further info.

Btw, are you a real Doc?



The fowfer butt stretch- pulling it backwards between your legs, placing it between the chicks and sitting on it (reported to work wonders for flaccid gains).

what if it istn long enough to pur in your cheecks

no im not

Fowfer butt stretch


You don’t have to actually put it between the chicks, just stretch it and pull it under in that direction and then sit on it - that’s it!

Here’s the original description by the inventor, fow1, a veteran member of the ezboard:

“The exercise or technique is a simple no hander which makes it ideal while working on the computer or watching TV and is as follow:

1. total softie best but 20-30% would probably work
and a warmup recommended
2. while standing, reach from behind between legs
and grasp head of penis
3. stretch penis as far as possible either up crack
or under check of ass
4. now, gingerly sit down on your outstretched penis
letting your weight retain the stretch
5. release handhold and enjoy a hands free stretch
for a long as you wish(personnally have not gone
over 90 minutes in one sitting)

Good Luck, fow”

You can do it !

ù ì å í


well how do you get your balls out of the way?

Try this ....

Go between them.

lil1 :sun:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!



fair warning to anyone who wants to try this. be careful. you dont have to stretch your penis that much under your ass cheeck to get a good stretch. I just learned the hard way . I’m sitting on it now. Otherwise , great idea. I’ll do this every day.. more carefully from now on though. lol

umm well by balls are very big(not bragging) but i think i found a way to jusst life one up over my penis

I just pull it between the two balls. My sac is usually loose, so this isn’t an issue.

Grave dig much? You just bumped a 7 year old thread.

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