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Non-gain Gains

Non-gain Gains

Wow, approximately three months into this enterprise and only minimal gains?

I would like to discuss what is a gain?

Ok, I understand that measurable, photo evidence is the best way to characterized what is meant by gains. Frankly, my gains are modest compared to most, but the less-measurable gains are an extremely satisfying way to be patient.

After about the first month, morning wood was almost not navigable without a geometry text. The Mrs is grateful I make the effort and shows her appreciation. The quality of erections is amazing. Due to increased sensitivity, it no longer takes 45-90 to orgasm. Lastly, I see the beginning of foreskin restoration.

All this for minimal effort, minimal investment, no inconvenience and no pain?

Oh yeah, those are gains, I just can’t post those pictures.

Any other newbies as pleased with the non-ruler gains? I would like to know if this will taper off or if I just seem too optimistic.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

Congrats on the gains or whatever you like to call them. But aren’t you two months in and not three?

Interesting question. I made the conscious decision to pursue PE in Dec. 2008. I did the Newbie Routine for a month to see if I would still pursue PE. At that time, I did not record a starting photo. I did that one month later when I decided to approach this more seriously. Does that make sense?

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

That’s the spirit!

I love the way you focus on PE goals.

Yes, penile health SHOULD be everyone’s top priority while doing PE.

If only more people looked at size gains as a positive side effect. There would be less members here, but more satisfied ones ;)

I wish you good gains, none the less.

I agree with you, good post.
I came here to increase the EQ and now that it´s amazing I´m gonna try the side effects ( growth ) ;)
Even if I don´t gain inches I´m glad to have tried it because just the EQ improvement has boosted my ego.

Keep it going lmorleytx

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