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non-ejaculatory orgasms


non-ejaculatory orgasms

Everyone knows that women experience this, and I’m certain that men do as well. I’ve orgasmed without ejaculating. But that was by holding the spot between my testicles and my anus during the orgasm, so, from my understanding, the cum went into my blatter. Harmless. Does that count? Do any of you have orgasms without ejaculating?


westla90069, I didn’t ask about multiple orgasms. Next time you feel the need to respond to one of my threads do us both a favor and read it first. Thanks!

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What? *giggles*

Multiple orgasms is having orgasms without ejaculating. It’s exactly what you were talking about.

I guess I should start reading your posts too lilwang, as you seem to be a smart ass and I like reading what a smartass has to say. Especially when they smart off to a moderator. If you would have checked the links that west provided, you would have found the connection I think.

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I did check them. Unfortunately they were all a waste of time. And for the record, non-ejaculatory orgasms are not, by any stretch, necessarily multiple consecutive orgasms. So don’t tell me that’s what I’m asking for. Thanks!!

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Imagine my giving five links supporting the idea that a buttermilk enema will cure gonorrhea, when you’re asking for information concerning testicular cancer… It’s careless and silly.

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Unfortunately I have to agree with lilwang in that having multiple orgasms is having more than one and a non ejaculatory orgasm is … well, a myth as far as it concerns men. Sorry I don’t believe it. What’s the point of it anyways? To become multi orgasmic? Doesn’t that denote the ability to ejaculate more than once during a sexual encounter? If I felt like I was losing my load and nothing came out I’d be thinking something was wrong with my Wang or my pluming. By shear definition, an orgasm without ejaculating is not an orgasm for a man. Comparing orgasms between men and women is like comparing apples and oranges - problematic at best. I’m not trying to start a fight here but like I said, WTF would be the point of orgasm with out ejaculating? The idea even sounds … shit I can’t even think of a word for it. If I’m having sex with a woman I eventually hope to ejaculate. If I happen to ejaculate more than once with her, then damn we’ll be giving each other high fives afterwards. I’m just all twisted on this one … I got to get another coffee …. Maybe I’m all wrong on this one but I’m having a fundamental inability to even understand the reasoning behind it.

Originally Posted by Tork

…By shear definition, an orgasm without ejaculating is not an orgasm for a man…

I have to disagree with this statement. If I go through the muscle contractions of ejaculation it is an orgasm in my mind, even if it doesn’t “produce” anything.


AH is waiting for Sixerman to comment.


Rest assured, non-ejaculatory orgasm for men exists. Very wonderful things, these.

Recommended reading on the subject: Toaist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia.



Not having been with the lovely Mrs29 for several nights, last night we both wanted to have, shall we say, a bit of a workout. After our foreplay, we began intercourse. Within 5-7 minutes, we were banging away, she had climaxed twice and I was about to. I pulled out, practiced my super kegel and contractions, and climaxed(quite powerfully, I might add) without ejaculating. Without missing a beat, we were right back at intercourse, and after another good session, with her climaxing wicked hard, I did too, this time ejaculating. Both orgasms I had were great.

If you want to go through life without learning this technique, all I can say is you’re missing out. When I was in my 20’s, I frequently had nights of 5 ejaculations. Those days are gone. I’ve had some sessions with 3 orgasms without ejaculating. These are orgasms, believe me. I’ve also noticed that the volume of ejaculate is greater after having an orgasm(s) without ejaculating. Another kewl benefit.


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