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non-ejaculatory orgasms


I’m gracefully bowing out of this thread with one last comment:

WTF is the point of orgasm without ejaculate for a man?

I would much prefer to ejaculate several times in one sexual encounter than have my dick doing dry heaves in preparation for a big single anyways.

don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it

The whole point of an orgasm without ejaculating is that it allows you to release the sexual energy that would normally be lost through ejaculation. Ejaculation also usually means the end of your erection. The ability to orgasm without ejaculating allows you to maintain an erection during intercourse indefinitely. (once you master the technique).

Imagine you have the urge to cum, but you are able to redirect that energy out of your groin and into an overall body “tingle” that travels up your spine and makes you shiver, but you do not ejaculate. After this type of orgasm, the energy has disipated in your gential region so that you can maintain your erection and continue fucking while your arousal level drops and then builds again to your next “dry” orgasm, until you have fucked as long as your partner can stand it.

It sounds really, really hard, but it sounds great.

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Originally Posted by lilwang
Everyone knows that women experience this, and I’m certain that men do as well. I’ve orgasmed without ejaculating. But that was by holding the spot between my testicles and my anus during the orgasm, so, from my understanding, the cum went into my blatter. Harmless. Does that count? Do any of you have orgasms without ejaculating?

First, for everyone who does not know, ejaculation and orgasm are two very different processes and can occur independently of each other. It is also possible to withold ejaculation both forward (the usual) and/or backward (unusual). Backward is called “retrograde ejaculation” wherein you do actually ejaculate, however your semen flows backward and up into the bladder instead of out through the urethra. As lilwang says, backward is a harmless event in itself.

It is important to be able to distinguish between a non-ejaculation (semen going neither forward nor backward) but an orgasm occuring nonetheless for this reason: If one habitually causes a retrograde ejaculation in either the manner in which you can do it, lil, or through Kegel clamping-down or Eastern mental process, it is possible to weaken the valve between the prostate and the seminal vessicles which normally prevents retrograde ejaculation.

The result of this weakening is more and more frequent retrograde ejaculations, whether you want them or not, to the point where you are shooting backward most or all of the time, like it or not. In childbearing years, this can mean that you can only impregnate your wife/gf artificially through retreival of your semen from the urine coming from your bladder after ejaculation. If kids are not on your agenda, though, retrograde is probably a moot point except that for some guys, retrograde does not feel nearly as good as a forward ejaculation and I am one of those.

I don’t get some of the hositility in this otherwise anatomically-oriented thread. If you want to learn, don’t pick fights with fellow members or mods.

Westla took some of his good time to provide links which do relate to ejaculation/orgasm, lil; and for the rest of us, if lil wants to shoot backward, so what to us who may prefer to ejaculate forward or have multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms? What is to get pissed off about here?

That having been said, let’s move forward with good discussion.




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